Windows Vista – Microsoft’s last operating system, launching in 2006 – has a lot to offer on its own. In addition, there is a large amount of software that does not work on Windows XP and earlier operating systems. If you are using an older operating system, the introduction of Vista will be an exciting time for you.

If you are new to computers and have never tried Windows Vista before, the most important thing for beginners to know about it is that it’s nothing like previous versions of Microsoft Windows. Most of the things that have been in Windows since the beginning – such as programs, settings, and menus – are just gone. You need to learn new ways of accessing things, such as by using a Start menu instead of desktop icons, to use new programs and features.

What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is the latest operating system by Microsoft. It was released in 2006 after a lot of rumors and speculation about the release date, price, and features.

Developed byMicrosoft
Release dateNovember 8, 2006
LicenseFree and Paid
File typeISO Format
Update Support ended on April 11, 2017

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1. It has a search bar at the top of each window.

2. It has a navigation sidebar for selecting folders.

3. It has a new style of menu, called the “ribbon menu”.

4. The Taskbar can be customized to have small buttons, large buttons, or both.

5. Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 are included in Vista Home Basic, and do not require additional downloads to operate on it.

6. Vista includes an option for you to have a “screensaver” instead of a password.

Can you still use Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is one of Microsoft’s best Windows releases, however, support ended on April 11, 2017, therefore you will not receive any security updates in the future. If you wish to install it on your PC, you can do so by downloading the Vista ISO.


1. It has improved multimedia capabilities – especially with the inclusion of Windows Media Player 11.

2. It has improved security features for protecting your computer from unauthorized access, such as a new security feature called User Account Control (UAC), which allows you to select whether you want to give computer access for downloads and other actions.

3. It does not have spyware (although there is some concern about programs that “phone home” being included with Vista, but Microsoft claims that most of these are optional programs).

4. It has a way to use an external USB hard drive with your computer.


1. It takes longer to load than previous versions of Windows. This means it can take a little longer to get your computer ready for using Windows Vista, such as formatting disks and creating folders for your software.

2. It does not have the ability to “double-click” files, which is used in many programs and functions that work in previous versions of Windows without any changes.

3. It is reported that it is more vulnerable to viruses, although this is mostly because it’s the newest operating system, and not because it’s any more vulnerable than previous Windows versions.

4. It only has a few included programs and must use a program called “Windows Live” to get other programs. If you are new to Vista, this can be confusing and time-consuming if you don’t know how to use it.

5. It is extremely difficult to uninstall after you have installed it, because of the “windows registry“.

6. It does not allow you to play DVDs or use the music and video player that comes with it. You must purchase third-party programs or use a program called “Windows Media Player 11” that comes in Windows Vista.

How to install Windows Vista?

Windows Vista

1. Format your hard drive by clicking on “My Computer”, then right-clicking on the drive you want to format, and selecting “Format”. Make sure to choose NTFS as the file system, as this is required. If a previous version of Windows is installed on your computer, it will automatically be erased during this process.

2. Insert the Vista CD into your CD or DVD drive, then turn on your computer.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Vista Setup will guide you through the process of creating your account, making sure your computer is set up with all of the latest updates, and other basic security settings (make sure to check the boxes to save and keep each step).


Windows Vista was an advanced operating system at the time it was released. However, there are many reasons why it is still considered the “butterfly” of all operating systems, as it has a lot more functionality than most people will ever use – but also has many disadvantages as well.

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