Windows Longhorn

Using a reliable secure server, you can download Windows Longhorn Free. Original Longhorn Free Download Image file that has not been modified and is ready to boot your PC. RAR image of Longhorn may be used to Install on a PC, allowing you to install Windows on your computer without the need for a CD/DVD. It is compatible with any version of Windows.

Windows Longhorn build 3683.iso573MB
Windows Longhorn build 4001.iso627MB
Windows Longhorn build 4030 (main) (Home Edition).iso600MB
Windows Longhorn build 4033 (idx01).iso645MB
Windows Longhorn build 4051 (x86).iso (32Bit)660MB
Windows Longhorn build 4088 (WinPE).iso174MB
Windows Longhorn build 4083 (x64).iso (64Bit)670MB
Windows Longhorn build 4031 (main).iso685MB
Windows Longhorn build 4030 (main) (Professional).iso684MB
Windows Longhorn build 4002 (Lab06_N(ntvbl06)).iso624MB

System requirements Windows Longhorn

RAM128MB higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features)
Display(800x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor
Processor300 megahertz (MHz) or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233-MHz minimum required;
Installation CD-ROM or DVD drive/Pendrive
Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

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