Download Windows 95 ISO file for free with product key, Microsoft’s one of the oldest versions of Windows 95 that is compatible to install on Virtual Box or clean install using boot pendrive.

Windows 95 Overview

If you have a computer that’s worth more than one hundred dollars, such as a laptop or desktop, then you’re going to want to know the basics of the operating system on your computer. Windows 95 is an operating system by Microsoft that was implemented in 1995. It ran on computers with Intel-compatible central processing units and 32-bit electronic logical addresses. The operating system came in two editions – the personal edition and the professional edition – which had different capabilities and prices.

Windows 95 Features:

1. Windows 95 included several features that made it one of the most popular operating systems ever released. This is what makes it a great operating system for both new and seasoned computer users alike.

2. Windows 95 is an operating system designed to be easy to use and easy to adjust settings to fit your needs. You can change all kinds of settings without having to install any software since you don’t need them. The software won’t even be installed until you actually need it.

3. There are a lot of things that you can do on Windows 95 , and the most important thing you can do is work with your computer. It’s easy to access documents and files so that you don’t lose anything there.

4. You can also use Windows 95 to access the internet for many different things. You’ll be able to do just about any kind of project or assignment that you’re working on since it’s so easy to reach the internet through your computer.

5. You can also use your computer to keep in touch with friends and family by email. Windows 95 makes it easy to set up an email account and access it whenever you want on your computer.

Windows 95

6. Windows 95 is an operating system that was released in the nineties, and it includes many different programs that you can use to surf the internet as well as play online games. You’ll have a lot of fun while using this operating system.

7. You can also use Windows 95 for a lot of other things. You can even use it for word processing and making spreadsheets so that you can create some documents for school or home as needed.

8. There are many different features available from Windows 95 , including the ability to be able to run your computer faster. It’s important to keep your computer running fast with this operating system since it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.

9. Windows 95 is an operating system that can save you a lot of time and money. You’ll be able to keep your computer running well and make sure that everything else works the way it needs to.

10. Windows 95 is an operating system that makes it easy to access a lot of different programs and features, including the ability to be able to run Windows updates as needed. This makes it so you can stay updated with the newest version of this great operating system at all times.

Download Windows 95 Second Edition

Windows 95
NameWindows 95.iso
Release dateAugust 24, 1995
Developed byMicrosoft
EditionSecond Version
UpdateNo longer supported by Mircosoft

? Safe & Secure

Windows 95 System requirements

ProcessorIntel 80486 66 MHz or higher
Free Space1GB Gigabyte
ScreenVGA or higher resolution monitor (640×480)

Win 95 Product Key

Serial Keys
  • 24796-OEM-0014736-66386
  • 16595-OEM-0001695-96524
  • 15795-OEM-0001355-07757
  • 12095-OEM-0004226-12233
  • 12095-OEM-0004226-12233
  • 13895-OEM-0000736-75397
  • 15096-OEM-0012846-52764
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-32981
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-31009
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-31009
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-31013
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-32969
  • 12899-OEM-0042134-35045
  • 26996-OEM-0015582-21990
  • 27497-OEM-0025347-80387

Installation guide using ISO:

1. Boot your PC from the Windows 95 CD. In most cases, if you don’t, Windows will try to install itself and fail. If this happens, reboot and try again.

2. Press Enter when the ‘Microsoft Corporation’ logo appears after 5 seconds (the following files are needed for this installation of Windows 95 ). Type “R” and press Enter (to load the Recovery Console). Then type “C:3” and press Enter (to load NT Option Pack/Command). Type “L” then “Y” then “Enter“.

3. Choose the correct timezone, then click OK.

4. At the next screen, choose the language you prefer to use during this installation of Windows 95. Click OK.

5. Use your keyboard arrow keys to highlight the CD-ROM drive and press Enter. Type A: D then press Enter.

6. Note: If you choose to install Windows 95 on your computer’s hard disk, you must bridge the CD-ROM drive (the one that contains the installation files) with a second CD-ROM drive that you have connected to your computer.


Windows 95 was first introduced in 1995 as Microsoft’s newest operating system. The System folder is where you can find files and folders that are used by your computer, such as Device Manager, Config.sys, and Autoexec.bat, as well as diagnostic tools and information about your hardware devices.

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