Windows 7 Professional is a version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system that is designed for more advanced home users. The features of Windows 7 Pro are more robust and geared towards business use. Windows 7 Pro is not a replacement for Windows 7 Starter or Professional. It may be used by home users and home businesses as a step up from Windows XP, but it is really geared towards skilled users and businesses.

What are the features of Windows 7 Professional?

1. Windows 7 Pro has a wealth of security features and anti-virus capabilities that Windows XP does not have.

2. Hotkeys with multiple functions make it easier for users to do things without ever having to use the mouse.

3. Windows 7 Pro has more graphics options than Windows XP Pro or Starter Home Edition, which means that professional users can create more attractive and visually appealing presentations, websites and business documents than ever before.

4. Audio recording and editing software is far more powerful in Windows 7 Professional than it is in Windows XP Pro or Starter Home Edition, for instance.

5. More advanced applications are available for the business user, such as Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate (Professional Plus).

6. Users have more control over the appearance of the desktop and tasks than they do in Windows XP Pro or Starter Home Edition. They can change the default location for Documents, Pictures, and other items so that they don’t clutter up the desktop.

7. Windows 7 Professional has a third virtual desktop option that provides greater flexibility to multitaskers.

8. Users can enable multi-monitor support for graphics editing and business applications in Windows 7, but not in any other Home edition of Windows 7′.

9. For security reasons, users may also enable BitLocker drive encryption on their computers running Windows 7 so that if their machine were stolen or otherwise compromised all of their information would remain safe and secure.

10. Windows 7 Professional includes Remote Desktop Host, which allows users to access their work computers from home or any other remote location and run programs as if they were sitting at their desk.

Download Windows 7 Professional

Release dateOctober 22, 2009
Developed byMicrosoft
File Nameen_windows_7_professional_x32_x64_dvd.iso

? Safe & Secure

System requirements

Processor32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor*
Free Space 16 Gigabyte
GraphicsDirectX 9 graphics device
ScreenDisplay: 800 x 600

How to install Windows 7 Professional

1. Insert the Windows 7 Professional DVD you bought into your PC, boot from it, and double click Install this version of Windows.

2. Click Next.
3. Accept the End user license agreement, click Next.

4. Click “Custom (advanced)” when the installer offers you to use express settings or custom settings, click Custom (advanced) to continue.

5. To continue the installation process please select your current operating system on the left side and a new operating system on the right side, then click Next to continue the installation process.

6. Choose your partition to install windows on, if you have more than one drive attached to your PC, such as C:, D:, E:, F: etc.

7. If you want to create a partition on your desired drive it is recommended that you use the disk management tool to create a partition because Windows cannot create partitions when installing on an SSD.

8. Do not format your disk or select an option in Disk Management because this may delete the existing partitions and get you into trouble later.

9. Do not make too many changes to this install, consider it a test of the driver setup, please be careful while making your changes.

10. Click Next and finish the installation process in a few minutes.

Windows 7 Professional is very powerful and has many excellent features. It’s one of the best-operating systems that you can use in your PC.

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