Windows 7 Bootable USB

Windows 7 Bootable USB: Today we are learning How to make Windows 7 Bootable USB

If you are planning to install Windows 7 on your system and you wise to create Windows 7 bootable then you can make installation USB with the help of Universal USB.

If you want to delete and modify Windows partitions then you can easily with the help of USB installer.

It’s too easy to make installation USB you can create it a couple of minutes.

Learn: How to Install Windows 7.

For Creating Installation USB we need it.

  • 4GB USB Pendrive
  • Windows 7 iso file
  • USB Installer

After done these, we need your precious time.

How To Create Windows 7 Bootable USB

Part 1

Step.1 Download Universal USB Installer

Click the download button and download Universal USB installer.

Download Universal USB Installer 

Step 2. Download Windows 7 iso file

Download Windows 7 32bit or 64bit iso file from the link.

Download Windows 7

After downloading Windows 7 and Universal USB, follow some steps.

Part 2

Step. 1 Open Universal USB Installer.

Go to the download folder and double click on Universal USB.exe file and open it.

Step. 2 Click on “I agree” button

After opening, click on “I agree” button and accept terms and conditions if you want to read then you can read it, please review the license terms before proceeding.

Step. 3 Select Windows 7 Installer

Go to the “step 1” and select Windows 7 installer after that you will be able to create installation USB.

Step. 4 Click Browse option and select Windows 7 iso file

Go to the “step 2″ and click browse option and select Windows 7 downloaded iso file for making installation USB.

If you haven’t yet Windows 7 iso file then download from the link: Download

Step. 5 select the drive letter of your USB

Go to the “step 3” and select your pen drive which Pendrive you want to install, make sure your USB should be at least 4GB after that you will be able to make installation flash drive.

Step.6, After all, click create button and make installation USB

After doing all the steps go to the create button and make Windows 7 Installation USB.

It will take 10-15 minutes and it depends on your computer speed. after installation done you will get Installation complete message after that click Close button.

After installation complete, you will be able to use your Bootable USB and you can easily install Windows 7 with the help of flash drive, you can also create/modify hard drive partitions.


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