Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Make bootable pen drive for windows 10Make bootable pen drive for windows 10

How to Create Installation Media for Windows 10

You can use Windows 10 Installation Media to install a new copy of Windows, re-install or troubleshoot an existing installation, or to perform an...

Windows 10 Gadgets

Windows 10 Gadgets: Today we are going to learn How To Install Gadgets on Windows 10 When we install Windows 10 then we do not get...

How to Activate Windows 10

1 Activate Windows 10: Today we are learning How To Activate Windows 10 Product key. For Windows 10 Activation we need the Product key if you want...

Windows 10 Bootable USB Tool

Windows 10 bootable USB Flash drive If you want to install Windows 10 and you are thinking that you have to clean install Windows 10...

How to Create Your Computer Security Questions Never get locked PC

Most of us at some time have lost or forgotten our password for signing into our computer. That used to mean you'd be locked...
Windows 10 dark mode

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode [File Explorer]

The dark and light themes in Windows 10 make the good old computer interface look sharp and cool, whichever you choose. Ever since we...
how to use esim on windows 10

How to use eSIM on your Windows 10 device [Laptop]

Do you travel with your laptop? How do you connect to the Internet using your laptop? What if your laptop can act like a...