Windows 10 Gadgets: Today we are going to learn How To Install Gadgets on Windows 10

When we install Windows 10 then we do not get to see gadgets pack on Windows 10 instead we have to install manually,

It’s too simple to install Gadgets on Windows 10 simply you have to follow some steps after that you will be able to install it

How To Install Gadgets On Windows 10

Part 1 Download

Step 1. Download Gadgets pack

You need to download Gadgets installer, go to the download link and download the gadgets installer.

Download Gadgets

Part 2 Install

Step 2. Go to the download folder and open gadget installer

After downloading, go to the download folder and double click on downloaded Gadgets installer setup.exe and open.

Step 3. Click Install Button and install it

When you will open gadgets installer setup then you will get a pop-up message then click “Yes” and go ahead after that you will get Install wizard setup click the Install button and install it.

Step 4. Wait while the setup wizard installs

Now simply you have to wait. This usually takes a couple of minutes, you will get the 2-3 process

Step 5. Click the Finish button

After installing, click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard. The gadgets have been successfully installed.

You can also download gadgets from the internet and run them.

Step 6. Click the “right” button and open “Gadgets”

After all, do go to the desktop and click “right button and open “Gadgets” after that you will be able to use gadgets pack on your Windows 10.

Step 7. Click “right button and “add” new gadgets

Now you are able to see a lot of gadgets and you can add it easily, click the right button and you will get 2 option then click add option and hang your favorite gadgets on your Windows 10 desktop, if you want to download more gadgets then you can download it from the internet.

The all-new Widgets HD brings back gadgets for Windows 10. With its beautiful material design, your modern desktop will complement it perfectly. Choose from dozens of widgets and skins to customize your desktop, with optional widgets from the built-in store, that will enhance your desktop experience like never before. Get Widgets HD and you’ll instantly have access to world clocks, weather, RSS feeds, calendars, calculators, CPU monitor, and more. All this for free! Additional enhancements include various skins, slideshow, stocks, translator, dictionary, internet speed test, and more. Stay tuned for future updates that will add even more widgets and customization.

Gadgets Features

  • 3-day forecasts
  • Dictionary
  • Translator
  • Notes
  • Calculator
  • World clocks
  • Calendar
  • Currency Converter
  • RSS and News feed with dozens of sources
  • Wallpaper Rotator
  • Sticky Notes
  • Slideshow
  • Resource Monitor
  • CPU Meter
  • Unit Converter
  • Internet Speed Test

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