If you want to install Windows 10 and you are thinking that you have to clean install Windows 10 then you can install windows 10 easily with the help of USB Flash Drive. You can also upgrade Windows 10 on your old Windows.

It’s is the too easy way for installing Windows 10, simply you have to follow some steps after having done you will be able to install Windows 10 on PC.

Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, settings, and applications

The files, settings, and applications are moved to Windows with this option, This option is only available when a supported version of Windows is already running on the computer.

Custom: Clean Install Windows only {Advanced}

The files, settings, and applications aren’t moved to Windows with the option. If you want to make changes to partitions and drives, start the computer using the installation disc. We recommend backing up your files before you continue.

How to make a Windows 10 bootable media using Media Creation Tool

Step.1 Open Officially Windows 10 site and download

For creating a bootable USB flash drive download the “Media Creation tool” from Windows 10 officially site. go to the site and click “Download tool now” after that, it will be download automatically.

Step 2. Go to the download folder and open Media Too.exe

After downloading Windows 10 installation media go to the download folder and double-click on Media Creation.exe and open it.

Step 3. Click the “Accept” and agree to the Mircosoft terms and conditions

After opening, click the Accept button and agree to the Microsoft terms and conditions. If you want to read then you can read installations and use rights.

Step 4. Select the ” Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC.

As you can see. If you want to upgrade your old Windows then you can select 1st options which are “Upgrade this PC now”, it will upgrade your old Windows.

If you want to clean install then you can select 2nd options “ Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC. it will install fresh windows on your system and also you can install Windows 10 to another PC.

Step 5. Select your Language, architecture, and edition, you can also select default.

Select your Windows 10 language and edition which kind of wants and select architecture 64-bit or 32bit even if you can select both.

Tip: Architecture if you select both 32bit and 64bit then it will work for 32-bit and 64bit devices.

Step 6. Choose which media to use, select”USB flash drive”.

If you want to install Windows 10 on another partition, you need to create and then run the media to install it.

Select a USB flash drive and it needs to be at least 8GB. And click next.

Step 7. Select a USB flash drive

The files on your USB drive will be deleted. To keep these files, back them up now to another save location.

Select the removable drive you want to use from this list for installing Windows 10. (If you are not able to see your removable drive then click “Refresh drive list”)

Click the next button and create a bootable USB for installing.

Step 8. Wait and download Windows 10 on USB flash.

Make sure your internet connection will be connected. It’s depending on your internet speed how much time it will take, feel free to keep using your PC.

Once you complete these steps, this wizard will download the Windows 10 installation file after that you will be able to use a USB flash drive for installing Windows 10.

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