Ways for Amateurs to Improve their Drafting Skills in Magic

MTG has been rising in popularity since it first entered the market during the 1990s, with millions of people playing this exciting game daily. If you want to improve your drafting skills in Magic: The Gathering, then it is pivotal that you understand the basics of how to draft a good deck. Most people need to learn how well they work together to try out new cards or strategies.

Others invest time and effort in reliable and dedicated sources like draftsim.com to improve their skills by practicing against worthy AI opponents. So, if you want to win more games, here are some tips on improving your drafting skills.

Make wise color choices

If you are a player who prefers to stick with their tried-and-true color identities, know that the same strategy may only sometimes work for you. But if you are willing to experiment with your draft strategy, learn to approach multicolor decks.

Never be afraid of playing a color that isn’t in your identity. For example, suppose green is your primary identity, but all you see on the board are good black and mediocre white cards. In that event, you must draft B/R instead. Although it might hurt the deck’s synergy because green cards aren’t great in R/B, at least you will have access to excellent removal spells or bombs that would otherwise be out of reach from your mono-green draft strategies. 

Note your win-loss record

Keeping track of your win-loss record with each deck choice will help you decide which one to use in a given match. If you have an excellent win-loss record with one deck but a bad win-loss record with another, you should play the deck with the better win-loss form.

You can do it with pen and paper or with any app program designed to do so. A simple online search will give you plenty of options to avoid having too much trouble setting up your database.

Ensure you can beat other decks

The next pivotal step would be to ensure you can beat the decks you are likely to play against rather than just picking for raw power. Generally, it would be best to focus your deck on a speedier strategy than other players’ decks.

While you can still beat slower strategies, it does mean that it will be much easier if your deck is faster and more aggressive than theirs. Ultimately, it can help you earn thousands of dollars in prizes as you improve over time.

Use a draft simulator

Draft simulators on websites like https://draftsim.com/ are a great way to practice and learn about the cards. They can help you learn about different strategies and how they work and give tips on which cards you should pick in each draft archetype. Several free options are available online, but if money is no object, you can choose a renowned source offering multiple options. Before stepping into the real thing, they can help you understand the game’s nuances in a high-end practice arena.

Some websites allow you to download an Arena Guide or Tutor when playing on MTGA, enabling you to make better choices. So, find a suitable site and get better at the most incredible game in the modern world, played by millions of avid Magic enthusiasts worldwide.

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