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All the ways to earn gold in Final Fantasy and how to achieve perfect farming

FF 14 is one of the most famous projects in the MMO RPG genre, which appeared under the influence of the popularity of World of Warcraft and the long-overdue transition of the Final Fantasy storyline to all popular platforms, which is more profitable for Square Enix than remaining only on consoles.

The project has become one of the most non-toxic in terms of interaction with each other, and the beautiful graphics still attract players who want not only to learn the entire backstory of the series, but also to take part in its development personally, which, according to the developers, will take at least 100 real hours time.

In addition to the general storyline, you will also develop your hero in terms of strength and skills, increase the power of your weapons and armor in order to gain access to the most interesting content and always be able to make a serious contribution to it – for example, in raids for level 90.

ffxiv gil, the main currency of the world of Final Fantasy, will play an important role in the development of your character at all stages.

Gil can be obtained in several ways:

  • Complete quests, including minor ones.
  • Hunt in locations.
  • Take part in FATE.
  • Master a profession.

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Quests of all types

Quests are always the most basic way to gain experience, FF 14 gils and learn the game in order to understand all available formats.

Developers most often saturate this format with a large amount of information and simplified gameplay in order to teach beginners, because not all gamers come from other MMO RPGs – some of them need to be taught not just the skill system and earning gil, but movement and techniques for using skills and quests, with their stable and clear rewards and step-by-step and clear system of actions, they are ideal for initial interactions between game developers and gamers.

But in the future, the pace of hero development and all types of bonuses and income will decrease, which will force players to think about additional methods of obtaining gil in Final Fantasy 14 and put more effort if they really want to succeed in this MMO RPG.

Story quests will be longer and more interesting, and most importantly, your hero – his avatar, which you created, will be involved in all events and will take part in dialogues directly.

Such quests are a guarantee of character progress, and you don’t need to come up with anything yourself – just complete tasks one after another and follow the instructions of local NPCs.

Each quest will bring you not only experience and various equipment, but also cheap FF 14 gil, which will be useful to you in the future when the rewards do not increase.

The best effect can be achieved if you combine all the quests that need to be completed as part of the plot and tasks that can be taken in large cities and individual locations.

Even with a strong desire, such quests will not go unnoticed by you due to the system of marks above the NPC’s head in the form of a bright glow.

It’s up to you to decide whether to take on a task or not, but the most important thing is to keep an eye on the potential rewards that you can get and where they can be completed.

The ideal format is when you take on a story quest and all possible secondary tasks that can be completed in the same location in order to get maximum experience and gil in Final Fantasy 14 in one gaming session.


This is a leveling and farming format in which the player himself chooses and regulates his gameplay, choosing zones for hunting and engaging exclusively in the destruction of monsters and quests, if he can find them in the same location.

The Hunters’ Guild deserves special attention, they are directly looking for players who can clear locations from certain monsters and receive good rewards for this.

If you are a fairly diligent player, and you like the grind format, then you can hunt monsters on your own, if you can quickly destroy them with active skills or regular attacks, if not, then you need to gather your own group, or choose another format for pumping and receiving gils in FF 14.

You need a full-fledged combat group that will have a tank on which monsters will be held without lethal consequences, a healer who will save the tank and all group members, and good attacking heroes with high damage from mass attacks to quickly and efficiently destroy groups of monsters.


If you can easily move around locations and deal good damage, or play in a group, then you will like the FATE mode.

This is a temporary and random event in which enhanced monsters begin to appear in a random part of the map, which will bring increased experience and a lot of gil to all players who challenge them.

This is a temporary event with a random chance of triggering, which will end when the last monster is destroyed.

Since there will be many players, the experience will be divided among everyone who dealt damage and the percentage, that is, even a weak mage or any other AoE character can receive experience for their skills. You won’t be able to earn cheap gil in Final Fantasy, because they will go to the player who dealt more damage, but overall it’s still a profitable event, especially since the fireteam can be found directly during the event.

Master a profession

Like all popular MMO RPGs, Final Fantasy 14 has its own system of professions that allow you to learn new skills and master the ability to craft different items to improve the equipment of your hero, or earn additional gil by selling them to less diligent players.

You can collect resources and convert them into items for different character classes, or simply sell them to different artisans and receive gil for your needs.

It is advisable to select professions for your hero, so that in various critical situations and new updates, you will always have the opportunity to create the necessary equipment with your own hands.

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