The surface is one of the most convenient ways to write and draw on your screen. It supports you in accelerating your workflow in a variety of ways. It gives you a better experience when taking notes. However, there are times when we have a problem with the surface pen. Continue reading if your Surface Pen is not connecting to your laptop.

We have researched several viable solutions that will assist you in resolving this issue.

How to fix Surface Pen Not Working on Laptop

If your Surface Pen or Pro edition isn’t working try these steps to get it.

Check Windows latest Update

First, install the latest updates search for Windows Update, and select Check for updates. There are three models of the Surface Pen with slightly different designs one has two buttons near the tip one has a flat edge with one hidden button this one has a flat edge with one button and no clip all models.

Surface Pen Not Working

Check Surface Pen Battery

Check the battery by holding down the eraser button on the end of the pen for five to seven seconds the LED lights should turn on and possibly flash.

Surface Pen Not Working

Replace The Battery

If it doesn’t replace the battery for the Surface Pen with two buttons on the side twist the eraser end for the pen with a flat edge. In one hidden button turn the eraser end counterclockwise to the body just a little bit until it clicks gently separate the parts then, remove and replace the for a battery.

Surface Pen Not Working

The body wall has a slight cutaway for the metal guide on the eraser, end lines them up and gently push the parts together then align the flat sides for the newest pen with no clip pull the eraser side straight out from the body after you change the battery line up the flat side on both parts and slide it straight into place now press and hold the top button to see if the light turns on and try using the pen if the light turns on but the pen.

Connect to Bluetooth

Surface Pen Not Working

Connect the pen with your surface in the taskbar search for Bluetooth and choose Bluetooth and other device settings turn Bluetooth on if the surface pen appears in the list of discovered devices, select it and then remove the device. You’re going to make a new connection select add Bluetooth or another device under add a device choose Bluetooth hold down the top button of the Surface Pen for about seven seconds when the pen appears in the list of Bluetooth devices selected after the pin is connected select done.

Surface Pen Not Working

We hope you have solved this issue yet, if your surface pen isn’t connecting with your laptop then you should comment below.

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