There are different ways to find, store, and share files, to collaborate in Microsoft Teams. Need to work on a file together? 

  • Go to the file you want, select More attachment options, the three dots, to choose where to open it, in Teams, in the app, or in a browser. 
  • Work on a file at the same time as your teammates for real time collaboration. 
  • Turn a file into a tab so it’s immediately visible to everyone in a channel. 
  • Choose a file, and select More attachment options, the three dots, Make this a tab. 
  • Use the Files tab to find, organize, and share files, in a channel. 
  • Want to pin a file so it’s at the top of the Files tab? 
  • Choose one, select Show actions, the three dots, Pin to top. 
  • Select Upload to add a file or folder to the channel and a copy of it appears in your Files tab. 
  • Any team member can open the file you added and there’s no need to upload another version and create duplicates. 
  • If you want to share a file, choose one, and select Copy link to create a link.
  • Select a permission level if you want. 
  • When you’re ready, share the link with a teammate in a chat or post.

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