If you need to have focused, private conversations with specific people on your team, create a private channel. 

  • In Teams, select “More options“, the three dots next to a team, then Add channel. 
  • Type a name and description. 
  • Under Privacy, select the dropdown and choose Private – Specific teammates have access. 
  • Then select Create. Type in names to invite people, including guests. 
  • Note that people must already be members or guests of the team to be added to a private channel. 
  • When finished select Add. 
  • Change anyone’s role, if needed. 
  • Then select Done. 
  • People you’ve added will know it’s a private channel because a lock appears next to the name. And they can start using it right away. 
  • Need to meet with just this set of people? 
  • Select Meet to connect with them. 
  • Open the pane to: add new members, see the current members, and add view channel updates. 
  • Files in a private channel are viewable and accessible only to the channel members. These files live in a separate SharePoint site, away from the standard channels in the team.

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