Download and install the Apple Safari browser on Windows 7/8/10 for a free full version with the latest features. Do you want to run Safari on Windows 10? It won’t be easy. A lot of people do not realize that Safari is an Apple browser. Today, the notion of using an Apple browser on Windows 10 sounds ridiculous.

But back then, it was relatively common. Even though it was the default browser on the company’s devices, Apple had versions of Safari that could run on Windows.

This continued for years. However, the interest in Safari for Windows was so low that they eventually abandoned the project. Apple stopped making Safari for Windows. Therefore, you cannot use the latest Safari browser on a Windows device. 

How To Use Safari Browser on Windows 10 Computer?

If Apple has stopped developing Safari for Windows, then surely, it is impossible to use Safari on a Windows device, right? Actually, while that assessment sounds accurate, it is very wrong. A lot of people use Apple programs on PC. They do this by using VMWare to install Mac OS on their computers. But you don’t have to take that somewhat complicated approach.

There is a much easier way to use Safari on Windows. You can simply install the browser on your PC. Yes, Apple stopped developing Safari for Windows. But guess what? That will only stop you from using the latest versions of Safari on Windows.

In other words, you can install an older version, specifically Version 5.1.7. This was the last Safari for Windows that Apple released before it abandoned the concept. It came out in 2012. If you are so determined to use Safari on Windows 10, this is what you should do:

1. Download

Start by downloading the older version of Safari. You can get the setup file from Apple. Even though they have stopped developing new versions of Safari for Windows 10, they do not care whether or not you use the older versions. 

2. Save

Save the file to a convenient location.

Safari Windows 10

3. Installation

To install the browser, locate the installer and run it. At this point, you can just follow the instruction.

4. Run

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the browser by clicking the icon. It should be noted that this version of Safari can run on Windows 10, 8, and 7. And also support 32bit and 64bit.

Safari Windows 10
Operating SystemWindows, Apple macOS
Released byApple
CategoryInternet Browser
Official Launch dateMay 8th 2012

Is It A Good Idea To Install Safari For Windows 10?

No, it isn’t. It is worth reiterating the fact that Apple no longer supports this browser. It doesn’t have any of the modern features and functions. But that is the least of your worries. 

If things go wrong, you cannot lean on Apple. Don’t expect them to provide fixes and patches to bugs. Additionally, the browser may leave you vulnerable to malware. Simply put, it doesn’t have any of the advantages associated with modern browsers. 

Why Do People Use Safari For Windows 10?

The older version of Safari tends to attract designers and developers that want to use Safari to test new technology. This is nothing new. 

Many people use older versions of Internet Explorer for this very reason. These individuals are perfectly safe because they understand the limitations of older Safari versions and the risks they pose. 

Why Do People Like Safari?

Apple discontinued the development of Safari for Windows because it did not attract nearly as much attention as they wanted. But a lot of people like the browser, and the reasons are not that difficult to understand. They include:

1). Privacy 

This is the biggest draw. Safari is highly secure. It has a search engine (DuckDuckGo) that doesn’t have any means of tracking your activity as you browse the internet. Safari will also warn you if you encounter dangerous pages on the internet. It may even prevent certain sites from loading in the first place. Other browsers do not offer the same level of security. 

2). Speed

Have you ever wondered how Safari compares to Google Chrome and Firefox? You don’t have to wonder anymore. Safari is the fastest of the three. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the browser also uses very little memory. 

3). Dark Mode

Safari allows you to change the color scheme. This sounds like an irrelevant attribute but it is very important because it makes browsing at night more comfortable. Dark mode makes it so much easier to read the contents of the websites you want to visit in the dark. 

4). Battery

Safari is an efficient browser that does not tax the battery as heavily as Google Chrome. Even though Chrome is so popular, it consumes a lot of power. Safari, on the other hand, uses energy-saving technology.

5). AirPlay

This feature is amazing because it allows you to play video and audio using multiple devices. In other words, if you’re watching a video on the internet, you can play that same video on your television or any other device. This versatile function is very handy. 

6). Mute

A lot of browsers enable users to mute the audio. But this function is only useful if you can find the tab generating the audio. Otherwise, it doesn’t serve any purpose. But with Safari, you don’t have to worry about this conundrum. You can mute the audio without first identifying the correct tab. This is another unimportant function that makes browsing so much more comfortable. 

What Sets Safari Apart?

You can tell that Safari is different by simply interacting with it, and not just because the frame is one pixel in width. First of all, you will find the tabs at the bottom.

Secondly, the status bar is nowhere to be found. Though, Apple included an indicator that will show you the progress that pages have made as they load. 

Safari comes with an efficient search bar in its History that allows you to find what you need using one keyword. If you have made a few interesting discoveries online, you can use the ‘Share’ button to tell everyone about them. 

There is a reason why Safari attracts so much attention from people that know of its existence. The browser felt like a gamechanger when it first came along. 

Is Safari Browser Online Available?

Yes, it is. You can use a service called It will open in any browser you have. Once you create an account, you can use a version of Mac OSX on your PC. This will give you access to a safari browser. It isn’t the smoothest experience but it will give developers and testers everything they need. 

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