Help stop family members or other people on your accounts from making unwanted purchases. You can set up a family member’s account to require adult approval for online purchases.

To do this

  • Sign in at
  • Find your family member’s name and select more options.
  • Then, spending. Switch needs organizer approval to buy things to on.
  • As a reminder, you will only approve purchases that require your credit card. Your family member can still make purchases using their account balance without approval.
How to prevent unauthorized Microsoft Store purchases

To be notified when your family member makes any purchase, switch email me when they get stuff to on. Repeat this process as needed for other family members to help prevent unexpected online orders. Likewise, you can also prevent unauthorized purchases made through Microsoft Store on your PC.


How do I stop Microsoft from charging my card

Prevent unauthorized purchases on Xbox One

Prevent unauthorized purchases on Xbox 360

In Microsoft Store, select see more. Then, select Settings. Under purchase sign-in, make sure I want to buy without a password for faster checkout is turned off. Repeat this process for each of your Windows 10 devices. That’s it. Prevent unauthorized purchases on Xbox One

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