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Photoshop 2018 is a picture editing software developed to manipulate digital photos. It’s no surprise that Adobe’s own software would be so useful for digital photographers, graphic designers, and other creative professionals. Photoshop Touch, which is made for the iPad, came out with CS6, and Bridge 2014 and Camera Raw 8 are two other new products.

Photoshop 2018

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular picture editing application. You may use its many tools to make anything from basic graphics to intricate paintings. Graphic designers, photographers, and web developers all use Photoshop regularly.

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Types of Photoshop products

There are several sorts of Photoshop products available, each with its own particular feature set. The most common sort of Photoshop offering is the Creative Cloud subscription, which allows customers access to the newest versions of all Adobe Creative Suite programmes, including Photoshop. Those who prefer not to subscribe to Photoshop can buy either the full version or a previous “CC” version. Users may also buy specific Photoshop programme items, such as Lightroom CC or Illustrator CC. Many Adobe products, including Photoshop, are eligible for educational discounts.

Using the Photoshop interface

You won’t have any trouble finding your way around Photoshop’s interface. All of the most important tools for working with photos are accessible from the primary toolbar at the top of the display. The left side of the interface has the layers panel, which allows you to handle your image’s layers. The interface’s right side houses the tool options panel, where you may adjust settings for each individual tool. The status bar may be seen at the very bottom of the screen, and it shows the current document size and colour mode.

Basic Photo Crop and Resize techniques

Photos may be resized and cropped in Photoshop with a few simple steps. We’ll start with cropping. To crop a photo in Photoshop, just use the Crop Tool (found in the Tools panel) (located in the Tools palette). Then, click and drag around the portion of the image that you wish to save. When you’ve made your choice and want to crop the image, press the Enter/Return key.

Let’s move on to the topic of shrinking.

  • Photoshop’s Image > Image Size menu is where you’ll find the options for adjusting an image’s dimensions.
  • You can change the width and height in the resulting dialogue box. It’s important to remember that the image quality will suffer if you reduce the size of the image (or DPI). If you wish to print an image at a specific size, you must also specify the desired DPI.

Indeed, that settles the matter! Once you learn the fundamentals of Photoshop, cropping and resizing photographs is a breeze.

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Basic photo retouching techniques

Photographers need to be able to retouch their images, and Photoshop is one of the greatest applications available for doing so. Every good retoucher needs to be familiar with the fundamentals.

Cloning is one method used to fix photos by eliminating distracting elements.

  • Select the Clone Stamp tool by either using the Alt key (on a Mac) or the Option key (on a PC) and clicking on the area you wish to clone.
  • Next, select the area you wish to hide by clicking and dragging the mouse over it.
  • This is because the copied region will have the same feel as its surroundings.

The ability to heal is also quite helpful. Healing is like cloning in that it makes it easy to hide flaws by making them blend in with the rest of the skin. To repair a scar, use the Healing Brush tool and Alt-click (Mac) or Option-click (PC) on a spot of healthy skin close to the scar. Click and drag over the imperfection to remove it. The application can seamlessly adjust the skin tone and texture for a realistic finish.

Finally, every editor needs proficiency with levels and curves software for adjusting exposure. Slide the black point slider to the left or right until you achieve the desired amount of darkness in your shot. Curves are more complicated than levels, but they provide greater contrast manipulation options.

Download Photoshop 2018 Direct Link

Adobe CC 2018
Direct Downloads
Windows (Size)Installer
Photoshop CC 2018 (32-bit)1.3 GBDown­load
Photoshop CC 2018 (64-bit)1.6 GBDown­load
Lightroom CC 2018809 MBDown­load

Saving a new version of your image for other purposes

It’s possible that once you’ve finished editing a picture in Photoshop, you’ll wish to save a new version of it for use in other contexts.

  • Select “File” > “Save As” to begin saving your changes.
  • Select the format and name your file in the pop-up box that appears.
  • Finally, select the Save option.
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