Opera Mini is a smarter, faster, and safer web browser that provides a reliable way of accessing the internet. Its popularly known for its clutter-free design with a high level of security and privacy. While it is popularly used on smartphones, you can download this program for your Windows or macOS device.

Features of Opera Mini

Opera is always working to reimagine and reinvent its browser to make your browsing experience even better. Its main features include:

Search Tabs

For any internet browser, search tabs are the most important in facilitating internet access. Opera’s search tabs get you into the habit of working more efficiently with multiple tabs. You can open it quickly using a Ctrl + Space keyboard shortcut to enhance ease of access. 

If you are working on multiple tabs, this browser makes them easy to see. This is because all the opened web pages are usually shown in terms of logos of sites with addresses and titles. As a result, you can easily spot the right tab. Lastly, this feature allows you to search titles and addresses by using specific keywords.

Social media sidebar

Twitter and Instagram are the two most prominent sidebars found in this browser. The Twitter sidebar allows you to explore and conveniently tweet with your desktop while still getting better views. The Instagram sidebar also enhances your browsing experience while using a desktop device.

Overall, these sidebars help to ensure that you can always access the social media at hand. You don’t have to switch between tabs, and they make the overall browsing experience better.

File Size73.4MB (32-bit)
76.7MB (64-bit)
Language90 languages
Developed byOpera
First Release date10 August 2005
CategoryWeb browser


They enhance your browsing experience by ensuring that you can easily save web content and share it visually as well. Pinboards are convenient since you can collect a lot of content in one place. Besides that, they are great for improving memory since you can add specific details and links to the pins to avoid forgetting the source of information. Opera Pinboards are sharable. So, if you are working as a team or group, you can always brainstorm together.


To keep your web pages more organized, Opera mini has workspaces. You can use this feature to keep tabs with related information in a similar workspace for efficiency. This makes browsing multiple browsers more manageable since you can easily send your tabs to various workspaces to ensure that all related web pages stay in the same workspace.

Ad Blocker

Ads can be annoying and cause distractions, especially if you are dealing with multiple browsers. They are also time-wasting. But Opera’s in-built Adblocker is highly effective in blocking ads while enhancing your privacy. Overall, this speeds up the browsing experience.

This is because you have a better chance of experiencing clutter-free internet access with no pop-ups. Your web pages will load fasters, and you can easily customize them to unblock certain ads you want. Note that this is a built-in feature; hence no extensions are needed.


How to Install Opera Mini on Windows

  • Step 1: Use your device’s in-built browser, i.e., Microsoft Edge download Opera Mini 
  • Step 2: Go to Opera Mini’s official website and click on Download Now button or you can download from above link
  • Step 3: On the downloaded file, click Run to start the Opera Installer
  • Step 4: Once the installer opens, click Install.

How to Install Opera Mini on a Mac

  • Step 1: Use an in-built Mac browser, e.g., Safari browser, to download Opera Mini
  • Step 2: go to Opera Mini’s official website, and press on the Download Now button or you can download from above link
  • Step 3: Open the Opera Installer from your Downloads and click it Open
  • Step 4: Go ahead and install the browser

Is Opera Mini Secure?

Opera browser runs on a Chromium system with a wide range of security features. This includes script blocking, malware/fraud protection, and frequent updates. It’s worth noting that Opera also comes with a built-in VPN. This is designed to improve your browser experience and make it safer.


Opera Mini’s design is based on innovation to inspire the user. It has been compressed to ensure that your web pages can effectively load faster, leading to greater performance. Its visual tabs that can be categorized into workspaces help eliminate the need for clutter and ensure that you browse smoothly. Its secure, reliable, and offers an outstanding web browsing experience.

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