Download and Install Microsoft Office 2010 (kb2687455) on Windows 7/8/10/11 for free Full version with activation key.

The Microsoft Office 2010 version includes many significant improvements in the office suite. These improvements are in applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. However, MS Office 2010 also maintains its compatibility with Office 2007, as the older XML file formats (such as .docx and .xlsx among others) have not been changed. The below-given article will give you more information on the features and the installation-related aspects of the latest Microsoft office 2010 application.

What is MS Office 2010?

Microsoft Office 2010 is one of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite for the MS Windows operating system of the same company. It is a successor to the Microsoft Office suite 2007. It is one of the first versions of the office suite to have a 64-bit version. The new Office application suite includes a wide range of enhancements (including a backstage view). It can effectively consolidate all the document-related tasks in a single location and enhance the ease and productivity manifold.

Release dateJune 15, 2010
Developed byMicrosoft
Platform86x & 64x-Bit
LicenseTrialware, and Free
File nameofficesp2010-kb2687455-fullfile-x86-en-us.exe

? Safe & Secure

Is Microsoft Office 2010 still get updates?

As you may know, the MS Office 2010 edition is a fairly old version, and Microsoft has discounted it, which means you will no longer receive updates for it, as well as no extensions or security checks. This software has been end in October 13, 2020.

Features of MS Office

Some of the important and new features of MS Office 2010 are listed and described below.

User interface: the different applications of the MS Office suite utilize a ribbon (as the default view). The ribbon interface for the applications was first introduced in the MS office suite in 2007. The ribbons can also be customized and grouped based on different tabs and tools.

Backstage View: Microsoft office 2010 has a dedicated file button on the ribbon and menu so that all the files and documents on the computer can be easily assessed. Users can also customize the properties of their documents, manage the versions, and check for any issues related to compatibility.

Web Apps: the MS Office suite 2010 includes the web-based versions of all applications including Excel, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint among others. These apps can also be synchronized easily with SharePoint or Windows Live.

Protected View: another important and useful feature of MS office 2010 is the protected view. All the documents, presentations, workbooks, and outlook attachments that are downloaded will be opened in the read-only format, which is the protected view. Other documents that fail validation will also open in the same way. These applications can protect the users from viruses and malicious cotes better now due to their”sandbox” mode.

Themes: you can now use the MS office themes throughout Excel, Word, and PowerPoint applications. It provides a more consistent view, and a better look and feel to the users. As of now, there are more than 40 themes available on MS Office 2010.

Word: the Word application in MS office 2010 also offers several new features. You can now insert the screenshots in the word documents by using snipping tools and can crop the images to any shape you want. There are multiple photo editing options available as well.

Excel: the new 64-bit support of MS office 2010 is much beneficial for the users of MS Excel. You can now have workbooks on Excel that may be larger than the older 2 GB limit. It also contains the “slicers” feature that enhance the power of pivot tables. The Sparklines feature can be used for charting all the data into a signal cell visually.

PowerPoint: MS PowerPoint 2010 offers new features in areas including video editing and broadcasting of slideshows. It also has a new animation painter. You can now deliver the presentations live and in real-time over the internet and can edit the embedded videos as well.

How to install MS Office 2010?

When you want to install MS Office 2010, you have to first uninstall and remove all the older versions of the MS Office software and application suite. You can install it by choosing “Control Panel” and selecting the “Programs and Features” option. You can remove the program from here by selecting it and then choosing the uninstallation option.

How to install MS Office 2010?

Use Your CD: Insert the Office 2010 CD that you have purchased online or offline. If you have got a setup file when you purchase Office 2010 online, you will have to open it on your computer.

Enter your Product Key: Once you start the installation process, the application will ask you for the product key. It is a 25-character code that will be included in the packaging of your MS Office 2010 CD or online mail and document (within the order confirmation window). You are not required to enter any dashes that you find in the code between the characters.

Agree to the License Terms: you will be required to agree to the license terms. Click on the box and check it, which will indicate that you have read all the terms of use of the software.

Start the Installation: now you will have to click on the “install now” option to install the different office applications and products. By default, MS Office 2010 will be installed on the PC’s hard drive. In some time, all the applications will be installed and you will be able to access the different MS Office applications (such as MS Word and MS Excel) through the Start menu.


MS Office 2010 brings to you many new features and is a highly productive and exciting software. It is also available at discounted prices online and offline.

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