MS Office 2007 is a Microsoft productivity suite whose core components such as Microsoft Access- Database program, Microsoft Word – Word Processor, and Microsoft Excel- Spreadsheet program. It’s ideal for creating basic and professional documents as well as presentations. Its popularly used due to its high level of stability improvements, updates, and security patches. Its release came because of several improvements to provide users with the much-needed versatility and ease of use in creating documents, including huge spreadsheets. 

File Size388 Megabytes
PlatformWindows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11
Developed byMicrosoft
Release dateJanuary 30, 2007

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MS Office 2007 Download and Features

The release of MS 2007 came with many changes. This usable software’s features include:

Office Button

Its found on the application’s top left corner, and it replaces the File menu. The Office Button is important in giving access to various functions commonly found in all MS Office applications.

Quick Access

This is a toolbar that’s found next to the Office Button. Quick Access is important in providing quick links to frequently used commands, including Save, Search, and Undo. It is worth noting that you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar. So you can conveniently add other commands such as spell check and print.

Contextual Tabs

They usually appear in the Ribbon and include Table Tools and Picture Tools. Contextual Tabs are important in providing quick access to options that are specific to the selected object or text.

Mini Toolbar

It consists of commonly used formatting commands such as Bold, Italics, Type of Font, Underline, and Bullets. The Mini Toolbar usually appears as an image beside a selected object or text. However, it usually becomes solid once you hover your mouse over it, allowing you to apply different formatting options. However, the Mini Toolbar can’t is customized.

Push Pins

MS Office 2007 Push Pins usually appear as you work on documents, under the Recent Documents List, specifically under the Office Button. Giving any document under the Push Pins list a single click usually re-opens it, making it possible for editing. New documents are usually found on top of the list.

Smart Art

It’s a beautiful and easy-to-use feature used to create diagrams and charts. The pre-created smart art features come in handy in creating visual interests in your word documents. It’s an effective alternative to tables.


They provide a great way of presenting different types of information. MS Office 2007 comes with in-built table styles that make it easy to create interactive Word documents.


They are used to create documents with a professional appearance. They help to eliminate the need for professional designers. MS Office’s themes have multiple formatting choices, including body text fonts, colors, and heading. Additionally, there are also theme effects such as fill and lines effect. You can use themes with styles to create attractive and powerful MS documents.

How to Install MS Office on Windows

Step 1: Insert the Office 2007 CD into your PC’s drive. Or download from above link.

Step 2: If the setup wizard doesn’t automatically start, then navigate the CD Drive click SETUP.EXE.

Step 3: Enter the product key- the product key can be found on the CD case’s sticker or its packaging.

Step 4: Read and accept the Software’s License Terms before clicking continue

Step 5: Go ahead and follow all the prompts and after the installation process is complete, click Close.

Step 6: For MS Office 2007 programs to work, you need to activate Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. You can activate the other MS Office products by clicking help and then activate the product.

Note: Office 2007 is no longer legible for Microsoft support. That’s why if you still need it, then you must get its installation disc and the product key.

Benefits of MS Office 2007

  • Ease of use- ideal for office and home uses
  • Quick access toolbar found in the title bar
  • Interactive user interface
  • PDF and EXPS file exporting


MS Office 2007 came with lots of updates. This includes upgrades relating to specific applications such as MS Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. The upgrade made it possible for users to use this software program easily. Its Fluent User Interface with an office menu and Ribbons enhance seamless access to different functionalities.

However, support for Office 2007 officially ended in 2017, but all the Office apps continue to function. You can still upgrade it to the latest version if you want to stay up to date with MS Office’s latest security updates, features, and patches.

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