Many customers, want to buy a marking machine but they don’t have any idea how to choose the best one. Before buying a marking machine, you may think a lot about the process and configuration and how difficult it is to use it. Using a laser marking machine is easy no need for any technical knowledge.

In this article, we are going to explain laser marking. 

Laser marking

Laser marking (also known as laser labeling) conveys information by creating contrasts on materials or workpieces.

Workpieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from flat plates to intricate components and flexible materials, but they may all be labeled. Even difficult-to-reach areas are no match for the laser, as laser marking occurs fully without contact.

Fiber lasers may also mark on a variety of materials such as plastics, metals, and coated materials. Depending on the substance, several labeling procedures are utilized. The labeled or marked information can be chosen at will. Everything from simple numbers and text sections to logos, codes, graphics, and photos is conceivable.

The color change can be used with many different plastics and metals. In short, during the color change process, the laser beam heats the material and thereby generates a high-contrast color change. The effect of the laser is very restricted locally – as a result, even very fine lines are possible. 

Before using machines you should focus on instructions and guidance books so that you can understand the basics of machine operations. We will explain some important parts of the laser marking machine. If you have seen any marking machine around then you must know about the emergency stop switch, basically what it does is when you have to stop your complete operations just you have to press the “Red” emergency switch and it will automatically stop your machine without any loss. 

Many different polymers and metals can be employed with the color change. In summary, the laser beam warms the material during the color change process, resulting in a high-contrast color change. Because the laser’s effect is highly limited locally, even very fine lines are possible.

Most of the machines come with a Leakage switch that helps to ensure their use electrically safely. 

How does the laser machine boot process work?

First, you need to switch on the power then turn on the computer, after that you need to allow a few seconds then the machine will turn on and you can remove the lens cover, In the next step you can put the material in place and focus the laser, after that you will be able to see red light laser system, you can also adjust the height of laser head.

Now you can run any marking software on your desktop, after opening it import some graphics and design in the software then set the parameters.

How to use laser marking software?

If you wish to mark text, you need to select the Text tool after that you can write whatever you want, software also supports customizable fonts. Press apply. If your font size is large then choose a smaller size of the design.

In case you want to change marking parameters, just cancel the default para. It also lets you adjust marking speed, power, and frequency. After the process, it will start marking. 

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