How To Install Windows 10

Install Windows 10 Easily, Today We are going to learn how can you Install Windows 10 on your PC. Windows 10 installation is too simple you can install Windows within 15 Minutes Instead, you can install Windows 10 with the help of USB flash drive or Installation disc.

There are 3 option to Install Windows 10 on Pc

  • Upgrade: If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 already installed on PC and you want to direct install Windows 10 then you can Upgrade Windows 10.
  • USB Flash Drive: You can also install Windows 10 with the help of USB Pendrive. The files, settings, and applications aren’t moved to Windows with the option. If you want to make changes to partitions and drives, start the computer using the installation USB. We recommend backing up your files before you continue.
  • Installation Disc: You can also install Windows 10 with the help of Windows 10 installation disc.

For Installing we need

  • USB flash drive or disc installation or CD-ROM Drive
  • Windows 10 iso file.

What kind of Installation do you want?

  1. If you want to Upgrade Windows 10 then you can upgrade Windows 10 easily. Learn from here⇒ How to upgrade Windows 10.
  2. You can also Install Windows 10 with the help of USB Pendrive. if you want to install from USB then process will be the same you can install easily. Learn⇒ How to create bootable Pendrive.
  3. You can also install Windows 10 with the help of installation disc. if you are going to install windows 10 through installation disc then you will have to make an installation disc for installing but don’t worry the process will be same.

Part 1

Booting to the Windows 10 Installer

For Installing Windows 10, make sure your Windows 10 installation media is connected to PC if you haven’t yet connected Windows 10 Installation media so do connect to PC.

If you don’t have Windows 10 installation iso file then download from this Mircosoft support page:

Step 1. Click Restart Your PC

Firstly Open the start menu and click windows icon after that click power then you will get 3 option so click restart.

Step 2. Open Bios setup press and hold DEL or F2 Button

After restarting, open bios setup simply press and hold DEL or F2 Botton. For installation we need bios setup without bios we cannot install Windows 10, this key may also be different key because of most computers when showing display a message on startup that says Press (key) to enter.

When your computer restarts to confirm the key.

Step 3. Select to the Boot tab

After pressing Del or F2 button, select to the boot tab. You will have to use the arrows key for selecting the boot tab.

Sometimes it may be different it’s depending on your PC company.

Step 4. Select a device from which to boot.

After selecting the boot tab, you will see a couple of option. For installing you will have to select the Installation media.

  • CD-Rom Drive
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Removable Devices
  • Disc Installation

Step 5. Press the [+] key until your boot option is first.

once either Removable Devices or CD-ROM Drive is at the top of the list, your computer will select your choice as its default boot option.

On some computers, you will instead press one of the function kets e.g [F5} to navigate an option up to the top of the menu. The key will be listed on the right side of the screen.

Step 6. Save your bios settings Press {F10}

Save your bios settings, for saving settings press {F10}. you should see a key prompt (e.g, F10) at the bottom of the screen that correlates to “save and Exit” pressing it should save your settings and restart your computer.

  • After all, you may have to press [ENTER] key to confirm the changes.

Step 7. You have to wait for your computer to restart.

After saving settings end-all, simply you have to wait for restarting your computer. you will see a window here with data. after that, you will be ready for installation.

Part 2

Installing Windows 10

Step 1. Click the Next button and install Windows 10

After looking command prompt click Next button. You can also change the options on this page, the setup language

  • Language to install.
  • Time and currency formate.
  • Keyboard or input method.

Step 2. Click Install now and install Windows 10

After clicking Install now you will be able to install Windows 10 easily. it’s in the middle of the Windows.

Step 3. Enter your Windows 10 Product key and click next

Having clicked install now, simply enter your Windows 10 Product key and click Next. If you don’t have any Windows 10 product key then you can skip this step and go head.

Step 4. Click “Accept” box and click Next

Click ” I accept the license terms” check icon and click Next button. If you want to read then you can read terms and conditions it’s Windows 10 License terms.

Step 5. Click and Update Windows 10.

it’s at the top that Which type of installation do you want?. If you are going to Upgrade option then Windows 10 installs while preserving your files, apps, and settings.

You can also select Custom Installations it’s mean to clean install Windows 10 on Your Computer doing so will prompt you to select a partition to format before continuing.

Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, settings, and applications

The files, settings, and applications are moved to Windows with this option, This option is only available when a supported version of Windows is already running on the computer.

Custom: Install Windows only {Advanced}

The files, settings, and applications aren’t moved to Windows with the option. If you want to make changes to partitions and drives, start the computer using the installation disc. We recommend backing up your files before you continue.

Step 6. Wait for installing Windows 10

After all setup, simply you have to wait. This process may take anywhere from half an hour to several hours, depending on your computer previous OS and processing speed.

Step 7. Follow all steps on the screen setup instructions.

Finally, Windows 10 has been installed on your computer, now you will be able to customize it’s settings end-all.

  • Country or region.
  • App language.
  • Keyboard layout.
  • Time zone.

You can also click express settings to set up Windows 10 with the recommended settings.




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