Are you searching to Install MYSQL on your Windows computer? we have got the best way that will help you to install MySQL software. The database is a collection of data collected in a format which can be easily accessed. We use a software framework called a database management system, or DBMS, to administer our databases. We link to the DBMS and provide it with instructions for querying or changing data. The DMBS will execute our orders and return the data.

Install MySQL On Windows 7/8/10

Before getting start installation, you need to download an installer file from the MySQL official site.

Check Version:

  • Windows 7,8,10
  • MySQL Community Server,
    Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer| 8.0.17| Size-393.4MB

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source database software where you can manage your system data.

MySQL Full form- (My) Micheal Windenius’s and (SQL) Structured Query Language

This is the most popular language in the world and it uses for structured Query, managing content in a database, every Web Developer needs it.

There are some steps, please follow them step by step.

Step 1. Download MySQL Installer file

Firstly you need to download the MySQL installer file from the official site, open the site from the below link and just download as images showing.

As you can see on images like that you have to download the setup file onto your computer or laptop.

Download MySQL Installer

Step 2. Install MySQL

After downloading, go to the download folder and check out the recently downloaded file, and click the right button and open it, get installation setup.

Step 3. Accept License Agreement

MySQL Installer Setup: Read Terms and conditions and click the checkbox after that click on Next Button.

install mysql in windows
install MySQL in windows
  • License Agreement
  • Choosing a setup Type
  • Installation
  • Installation Complete

Step 4. Select Developer Default

There are 5 kinds of installation, Developer Default, Server Only, Client Only, Full, custom. You can set up MySQL in 5 different kinds as Provided down below.

install mysql in windows

We have selected the first option that is Developer Default.

  • Developer Default: Install all products needed for MySQL development purposes.
  • Server Only: Install only the MySQL server product
  • Client Only: Install Only the MySQL client product
  • Full: Install all included MySQL products and features
  • Custom: Manually select the products that should be installed on the system

Step 5. Click Yes and go-ahead

You get a massage. One or more product requirements have not been satisfied, those products with missing requirements will be no installed or upgraded, Click Yes.

install mysql in windows
install MySQL in windows

Step 6. Click on Execute.

The following product has failing requirements. MySQL: the installer will attempt to resolve some of this automatically. Requirements marked as a manual can not be resolved automatically. Click on those items to try and resolve them manually.

Step 7. Again Click on Execute.

After that, the installer asks for the approval the execute the product installation process. Click on the Execute.

Step 8. Product Configuration

We’ll now walk through a configuration wizard for each of the following products.

install mysql in windows
install MySQL in windows

You can cancel at any point if you wish to leave the wizard without configuring all the Products.

Step 9. High Availability

  • Standalone MySQL Server/ Classic MySQL Replication
  • Sandbox InnoDB Cluster setup for testing only

You must install Classic MySQL replication.

Choose the option if you want to run the MySQL server either standalone with the opportunity to later configure classic MySQL replication.

Using this option you can manually configure your replication setup and provide your own high availability solution if required.

Step 10. Server Configuration

Select Development Computer.

Make sure you have checked out TCP/IP, Port 3306

Choose the correct server configuration type for this MySQL Server installation. This setting will define how much system resources are assigned to the MySQL Server instance.

Step 11. Authentication Method

Use Strong Password Encryption for Authentication (Recommended) Use default settings and click the next button.

Step Accounts and Roles, choose MySQL Password.

install mysql in windows
install mysql in windows

Choose your root password. Please remember to store this password in a secure place. Add User, Create MySQL user accounts for your users and application.

Step 12. Add User

After clicking on Add User, you get a message and it let you create a new user account after creation clicks the next.

Step 13. Windows Service

There is no need to do, you can leave it as default and click the Next button.

install mysql in windows

Step 14. Apply Configuration

Click on Execute and apply the changes

install mysql in windows

Step 15. Execution Completed

After done, you will be able to see all configuration has been green so you have done, click the Finish button and complete it.

install mysql in windows
install MySQL in windows

Finally, we’ve installed MySQL into our Windows Computer, these were easiest steps for installing.

Let’s Test it

We have done our best, now we are going to check it, how does it work, you will be able to see command-line, it’s fine free working, just you need to enter your login information and use hassle-free.

install mysql in windows

We hope you found it helpful today and if you have any thought on How to Install MySQL on Windows 7/8/10 then, feel free to comment down below.

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