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Kinemaster online

Kinemaster Online Use No Download Required

Are you searching to use Kinemaster Video editor online using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Here is a complete guide to download and install...
How to find and enter your Office product key

How to find and enter your Microsoft Office 365 product key

If you've used Office for a long time, you probably remember buying an Office disk and product key and storing them in a safe...
Sound volume very high

How to make computer louder, Sound Volume Not Loud Enough on...

Do your computer volume is not very loud? Do you want to know how to make your computer louder? If yes, cheer up! We...
OCR for Windows 10

5 Free OCR to Extract Text from Images on Windows 10...

OCR stands for optical character reader, which is a technique used to extract text from a picture and use it as a text in...
screenshot on hp laptop tool

How to take a screenshot on HP Laptop [5 Methods]

The screenshot is the easiest way to save everything that happens on the screen; all you have to do is press a few keys...
enable dark mode on google classroom

How to enable Dark Theme on Google Classroom [Chrome/Firefox]

Are you looking for a way to use dark mode in Google Classroom? This is a convenient online learning resource that has many of...
Instagram download for pc

How to use Instagram App on PC Windows 7/8/10 and macOS

Instagram is a great way to communicate with other people on social media, and it's also a popular way to share your images with...
Windows Bluetooth not workin

4 Methods to Fix Windows Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth devices are the easiest way to operate wirelessly since they eliminate twisted wires. There are several devices and computer appliances that enable Bluetooth...
Fix Windows 10 Won’t Update

[Fixed] Windows 10 Won’t Update 2021

While you might be using a purchased and an owned version of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on your personal computer, you might...
How to share file and folder on Windows 10

How to share file and folder on Windows 10

OneDrive is a great way to send massive files from one user to another. Microsoft, a reputable corporation, provides the software. Sharing large amounts...