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Things to Remember before Indulging in any Electronic Sport-min

Things to Remember before Indulging in any Electronic Sport

Electronic sports, commonly known as esports, are a favorite activity known worldwide for the entertainment it provides. Esports are multiplayer video games that take...

How To Setup Windows VPN Server In 5 Minutes

Setting up a VPN server on Windows can be a tricky and cumbersome process. No software available in the market does it faster or...
Kinemaster for pc

Kinemaster.exe for PC Download Free – 2022 Latest Version

KineMaster for PC is a great video editing tool that can help you create amazing videos. It has a lot of features that can...

JJSploit – Download for Roblox Latest Release (2022)

JJSploit is the finest tool for Roblox to improve your gaming experience. It has a variety of hacks that you can activate with a...
SSL Warning

How to Fix SSL Certificate Error/Warning in Chrome/Safari

A more secure website draws more users, and more people attract interaction to your website, resulting in a higher ranking factor. If your website...
Tales of Arise PC

Tales of Arise Download for Windows PC (Installation Guide)

Tales of Arise is an action game that is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. So you're probably wondering...
OCR for Windows 10

5 Free OCR to Extract Text from Images on Windows 10...

OCR stands for optical character reader, which is a technique used to extract text from a picture and use it as a text in...
and Use Private Channels Teams

How to Set Up and Use Private Channels Teams

If you need to have focused, private conversations with specific people on your team, create a private channel.  In Teams, select "More options", the three...
watermark to your Word document 2

How to add a watermark to your Word document?

Use a watermark to protect your work or indicate its status, like confidential.  Select "Design Watermark". Select an option. We'll choose "Confidential one." There it is.  Now...
How to share and collaborate with files in Microsoft Teams?

How to share and collaborate with files in Microsoft Teams?

There are different ways to find, store, and share files, to collaborate in Microsoft Teams. Need to work on a file together?  Go to the...