Windows 10 Upgrade: Today We are going to learn How to Upgrade Windows 10

If you are planning to Upgrade Windows 10 on your system then you can upgrade it with the help of Media Creation tool.

If you have old Windows 7 and you want to upgrade Windows 10 then you can easily simply you have to follow a couple of steps after that you will be able to upgrade.

How To Upgrade Windows 10

Step 1 Download Media Creation Tool

Go to the download webpage and download Media Creation tool for upgrade Windows 10.

Step 2 Open Media Creation Tool

Go to the download folder and double click on Mediacreationtool.exe file and open it.

Step 3 Read terms and conditions and click the Accept button

If you wish to read Microsoft terms and conditions and click the Accept button and go ahead.

Step 4 Wait for next step load.

After clicking, the Accept button you will get a message “Getting a few things ready”

Step 5 Select Upgrade this PC now

What do you want to do? If you wish to upgrade Windows 10 then select “Upgrade this PC now” and click the next button and go ahead.

If you want to make installation media then you will have to click on the 2nd option which is “creation installation media”

Step 6. Wait Windows 10 downloading

Simply now you have to wait till then Windows downloads it can take a too long time it totally depends on your internet speed if your internet speed good then it will complete soon.

Feel free to keep using your PC.

Step 7. Select Change what to keep

After downloading, you will get to see your windows is ready to install

You will not be able to use your PC while Windows installs. Save and close your files before you begin.

  • Keep personal files and apps: Keeps all your personal files and apps that are compatible with Windows 10.
  • Keep personal files only: Keeps all your personal files but removes all apps from your computer.
  • Nothing: Removes everything from your computer.

After all, click the Install button and install Windows 10 on your PC.

All steps will be the same and if you are confused to install then read this article: How to install Windows 10 clean 

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