Is it possible to run iPhone apps on Windows 10?. Whether you are an app developer or want to experience iOS apps on your computer or laptop, it’s absolutely possible to run apps. In this guide, we will learn how you can download and install it.

Microsoft Windows 10 by default is not developed to run iOS applications, you can not download and install apps directly, there is no option except an iOS emulator which is a Windows software that lets you run other operating systems applications, it means you can experience iPhone apps on your PC without having a physical phone. It’s essential to know that we need third-party software to perform App Store apps on your desktop.

There are plenty of ways available to host iOS apps on a computer or laptop but, we have discovered a legitimate and effective one, you can find two best emulators that are reliable and easy to manage, in a few clicks, you will be ready to play iOS games or apps.

As you know Windows only supports those apps and software which is developed for Windows operating systems, if you try other OS apps like macOS or Linux then you will get errors, to make it possible the iPhone emulator is a great way. There are a number of software companies that have released the best emulator.

How to run iOS apps on Windows 10

If you want to try iPhone apps on your Windows 10 computer then you need to follow the guide below.

Step 1: Download iOS emulator

The very first thing that you have to follow, download a working emulator which can handle the latest release apps. We have found one which is called an iPadian. This is the most popular iOS emulator that you can install on Windows. Click here.

Step 2: Install iPadian

Open the download folder, where you save files, then run the installer iPadian.exe. It will show you an interface, click on the “Next” button then it will start downloading files to the PC. Make sure you have connected with the internet.

Now click on “Install Now”. Your emulator is ready to install. It allows you to select the installation directory. And must have at least 200MB free space to perform this software then click on “Next”. It will take few minutes to extract all the important files.

Step 3: Launch emulator

Once you successfully installed it into your PC, you will be ready to use iOS apps on your Windows. Now it’s time to run the emulator from the desktop, if you don’t find it there, locate it in the start menu by searching iPadian. 


If you want to change the iOS version then go to the settings, change what you want. 

Run iOS apps

How to download and install iOS apps?

If you already have installed it on your PC then you might know there is no App Store so how you can download and install applications. It’s very simple, you can use the Safari browser to access unlimited apps and games.

If you are an app developer and want to test then you can use a cloud server to upload apps then download it from iPadian.

How to use iOS apps online?

If you don’t want to install third-party software then we have found a working way that you can use in any browser to use iOS apps online that is This is an online website that lets you test applications.

Here is how you can run iOS apps online for PC

  • First, you need to open a reliable browser Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • You need to create an account to log in to this website.
  • Launch standalone device, click here
  • You have various options to select iPhone size and models, whatever you require just select it.
  • The site will show you several apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, you can enable it by clicking on the view link.

Uploading apps 

If you want to test your own apps then you need to click on the “Upload” section that you can find in the top menu. Now select the file which you want to run. We have tested some apps with it and found good results.

There are the best methods for using iOS software on a Windows PC. If you are an app developer or want to launch apps on the App Store, you can test them using these emulators. There are numerous iOS emulators available on the market; if you do not find them useful, try another simulator.

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