In the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about Steam blocking in several countries due to certain government rules.

Surely, many people are so stressed about this since Steam has been their platform for accessing many games. People do love Steam for some reason, and today, we’re going to tell you about how to install Steam and understand the reasons why so many people love this platform.

Reasons Why People Love Playing Games On Steam

Avoid Pirated Games and Stay Original

The advantage if you buy games through the Steam platform is avoiding pirated games, where pirated games themselves are a problem for creators of works, including in the world game industry. By buying Steam games, you can get original or original games that offer a number of complete features.

Current games themselves usually offer additional or downloadable content to add to the excitement of the game. And remember that content or DLC can only be enjoyed if you buy the original game. 

By buying an original Steam game, you are contributing to or supporting the game developer as the creator to re-create new games that are even cooler to play. Therefore, why buying Steam games is the right choice.

Not Only Big Games but There Are also Many Choices of Indie Games

For players who are bored with games from a number of big-name developers, the Steam platform presents a large selection of indie games that can be played. 

Bearing in mind, nowadays, indie games are starting to be recognized in the mainstream. Call it the names of indie games like Alto’s Adventure, Limbo, #Drive, and many more.

Apart from buying Steam games at different prices, you can also play a number of games for free. It’s no wonder that Steam games are one of the platforms that support small or local developers to create their best game creations that can be played by many people.

No Worry about Running out of Game Units

Considering the large selection of Steam games available for you to play, you don’t need to worry if the game you want will run out, especially for players with limited finances. If you want to buy games at quite high prices, you have to save up for a few months first.

The number of Steam games will continue to exist and can be purchased whenever you want, unlike other game platforms, which usually offer a limited selection of games or according to availability. But it’s a different story if the game is withdrawn by the publisher for some reason, so you can’t buy it.

Playing games on Steam is relatively safe as well since the platform already has some security measures in case something suspicious happens. However, there’s one thing you need to know. However, it’s safe while gaming on Steam is good to use VPN. Look for the best Gaming VPN that may offer you some benefits, including lesser ping, which is definitely great for playing online games.

Attractive Discounts

The advantages of buying Steam games are also in the discounts offered, where these offers are the things that are most eagerly awaited. In fact, at first, you just want to see a collection of games to add to your wishlist instead of buying other games with tempting discount offers. 

Steam itself recommends that you don’t buy new games by buying them at the start of their release.

This is because there are a number of large discounts at certain times. That way, there will be many users who are interested in buying it.

Ease in the Payment Process

The final reason for buying Steam games is the ease of paying. Steam presents a number of easy payment options through digital transactions, such as using a credit card, Steam Wallet, vouchers, or Steam Gift Cards. 

Purchasing the Steam Gift Card itself can be done through a number of online stores, which will later be given a code to be redeemed into digital money.

How to Install Steam on Windows 11

Talking about Steam, maybe not everyone understands and has used the platform, especially if you previously played games more often on mobile devices. 

Steam itself is a digital game distribution platform, and you can find a variety of original game titles that can be collected by buying them. That said, Steam also features a lot of free games that you can find in the Free to Play category. For example, Dota 2 or CS: GO, you can play these two popular games via Steam for free. 

Steam is also synonymous with PC gamers; those who have been in the PC gaming world for a long time are certainly no strangers to this platform. But don’t worry if you are just starting to become a PC gamer; we have prepared an easy-to-understand guide if you want to play games via Steam.

  1. To download Steam, you can visit the official website or via the following link: 
  2. Select “INSTALL STEAM” to download the Steam installer. 
  3. After successfully downloading Steam, the next step is to install it. 
  4. Double-click “SteamSetup.exe” and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. 
  5. After all the download and install processes of Steam are complete, the application will appear on the Desktop or Start Menu.

Before logging into Steam, make sure you have created or have an account. If not, you can create a Steam account via the following link:

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