How to Decode the Windows Enrollment Status Page

Decode the Windows Enrollment Status Page | Microsoft Intune

In this article, we will show you how to decode the Windows Enrollment Status page with PowerShell.The decoding will provide you with more information on the ESP process which is useful for troubleshooting purposes.

To do this

  • Press Shif+F10 to open the command prompt.
  • Start PowerShell by running the PowerShell command.
  • Run the commands Set-executionpolicy Bypass and Install-script Get-autopilotdiagnostics.
  • The command will install the Powershell script on your machine which is needed for the decoding.
  • Press “Y” to allow the installation.
  • Run the command Get-Autopilotdiagnostics | Out-file -filepath <Location>\ESPOutput.txt.
  • This command will export the decoding results into a text file.
  • You can also view the result by running Get-content -path <location>\ESPOutput.txt.
  • Run explorer and open the ESPOutput.txt file. The ESP process details are visible in the text file.

We have now successfully decoded the ESP process and stored the results into a plain text file. We hope you enjoyed the guide and if you face any errors then, feel free to let us know through the comment.

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