When it comes to storing and transferring digital documents, PDF stands out as the best format due to its universal nature and top-notch security. However, at times, these documents need to be edited, for which we may face difficulties. Editing a document in PDF format requires the installation of a premium Adobe Acrobat software program. But we usually don’t wish to pay for such services and try to find alternative ways that can help us out in executing this task swiftly for free. 

Compared to PDF, Word is the most widely used format for creating and editing documents. However, a major limitation we face with Word documents is their inability to preserve formatting when shared across different platforms and devices.

So, to tackle the limitations of PDF and Word formats, you can convert PDF to Word and vice versa.

If you are wondering how, then you can read this blog till the end. We know that no one likes to install software programs and prefers web-based utilities. 

Therefore, this blog discusses the online tools that can help you make these conversions.

Go through it till the end and find a suitable tool to assist you in this task!

Best Tools for PDF to Word Conversion

Here you find the top tools to convert your files from PDF to Word. Here they are!


Another tool that we can use for PDF to Word conversion is available at DupliChecker. This online converter allows us to convert PDF to Word from any device. Its compatibility with all kinds of platforms makes it a top option for making this conversion. Due to its user-friendly interface, we don’t have to follow any intricate procedures. This PDF to Word converter allows us to convert multiple files simultaneously. In addition, the results we get through this tool are impeccable. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere around the globe!


The next option in this list of best PDF to Word conversion utilities is offered by SmallPDF. This web-based facility provides a free as well as paid PDF to Word converter. 

Using this tool isn’t a problem for anyone, as it just asks us to upload a document and select the conversion option. 

Once this tool has converted PDF to Word, we can easily download it with a single click. However, if OCR-based conversion is required, it asks us to become a pro member.


The PDF to Word converter on SmallSEOTools is a top-rated facility for carrying out this conversion. We can simply access this PDF to Word converter over the web and convert PDF to Word documents in a matter of seconds. 

After accessing this tool, we are just required to upload the PDFs we need in Word format. Once the files are uploaded, we can click the convert button and get converted documents instantaneously. The best thing about this platform is that it stays free no matter how many files we convert.

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The last tool on this list of best PDF to Word converters is being provided by iLovePDF. Its free version allows us to convert one PDF file to Word in a single turn. 

If anyone needs to process multiple files in a single attempt, they need to get its premium plan. For this tool, we can submit the PDF file and wait for a few seconds until the request is processed. Once the file is converted, we can download it on our device in Word format. 

Moreover, when using it for free, it also imposes a restriction on the number of files that can be converted through it. 

Best Tools for Word to PDF Conversion

Here are the tools that are best for converting Word documents to PDF. 


Again, DupliChecker is a popular option for Word to PDF conversion as well. Its easy-to-use interface and super-fast functionality can surely make anyone fond of using it. This Word to PDF converter is supported by all web browsers; hence, we don’t need to find a suitable browser to access it and make our desired conversions. 

Additionally, this tool is entirely based on the web, which saves us from the hassle of installing plugins or browser extensions.


The next Word to PDF converter on this list is available at PDF2GO. With this tool’s assistance, we can simply add our Word file to this tool and convert it to PDF instantly. 

However, the free conversion on this platform scans the uploaded Word documents and transforms them into PDFs as images. 

To convert with OCR, we must turn pro by purchasing its premium plans. Its pro plan also allows us to select the source language of our Word files and make accurate conversions. The monthly fee for its premium membership is $6.50.


SmallSEOTools hasn’t disappointed us here too! Its Word to PDF converter provides us with top-quality conversions and transforms our Word files into PDF documents quickly. 

Besides providing us with an option to upload the documents from our device, it also has cloud compatibility that allows us to upload Word files directly from Dropbox and Google Drive. 

To use this tool, we just need to upload the Word file and click the Convert to PDF button. In a few seconds, it displays the converted PDF file and allows us to download it on our device without facing any troubles.

Soda PDF

Last but not least utility we can rely on for Word to PDF conversion is offered by Soda PDF. This tool allows us to simply upload Word documents from our device or drag/drop files to start the conversion. 

Once the files are submitted, this tool just takes a couple of seconds to provide us with converted PDF documents that we can easily download on our devices. 

This tool ensures preserves the layout and formatting of our files during the conversion process. It is also giving us the batch conversion feature through which we can convert multiple Word files in one go.


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