If you are searching for SAR Value of Mobile Phone Radiation Level then, you have come to the right place, In this article, we will guide you to find your phone radiation level which must be the monitor as a phone consumer.

You might have already seen the damaging effects of radiation your smartphone gives off radiation and in fact, goes one step further by firing it directly into your head but how bad is it? Your phone is on it is firing electromagnetic waves that’s how up phones send signals and so small phone radiation is the amount of energy that is absorbed by your body from the electromagnetic waves that your phone is firing and it’s measured in terms of something called the specific absorption rate or SAR.

Which phone has high radiation levels?

The current list of the biggest offenders here and there’s definitely a trend you can see that Xiaomi and one plus are almost fighting for the top spot with their smartphones having almost consistently high radiation levels and as we switch to looking at the phones with the lowest levels Samsung LG and ZTE seem to be the real winners.

High radiation levels

Low radiation levels

Safe Sar Value

According to the US Federal Communications Commission (FFC), a mobile phone with a SAR Value Level of 1.6W\kg for body or below is safe If your phone level goes high then it’s a warning sign to change phone immediately.

How to Check SAR Value

If you want to know your phone SAR value then you have to follow some below steps for that no need to download any application.

Step 1. Open phone dialer

Step 2. Enter code *#07#

Step 3. Find SAR Value

Similarly, you can check the radiation level of your phone and measure whether it is safe or a danger. Hope you find it helpful today if you have a problem checking SAR Value then you can comment us below.

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