Download and Install DirectX 11 offline installer on your computer or laptop full version. This version of DirectX is compatible with Windows 32 & 64bit.

DirectX 11 is the most advanced 3D graphics API from Microsoft. It offers developers new and high-performance features to increase players’ in-game visual quality and performance. Go on to read this article to find more about DirectX 11.

What is DirectX 11?

DirectX 11 is a collection of technologies developed by Microsoft to improve the game graphics, performance, and quality. The technology is mainly targeted at PC games, but recently many mobile games have also used it because of its hardware-based features.

With DirectX 11, you can tap into its ability to render your game graphics at the highest possible frame rates and deliver the most realistic visuals.

Features of DirectX 11

The following are the main features of Windows’ DirectX 11.

1. Direct3D

DirectX 11

Direct3D is one of the essential components in DirectX 11. It’s a library delivered by Microsoft to render high-quality graphics on your 3D games. Direct3D has been improved and will be extended to support even higher graphics rendering quality in DirectX 11.

2. DirectCompute

The new DirectCompute technology utilizes your GPU processor to perform general-purpose computing, which doesn’t necessarily involve graphics computations like 3D rendering, and physics collision detection.

3. PhysX

PhysX is a physics engine that sends simulation data to the GPU to allow for a physical experience in your game. This will be more useful in FPS and FPS games, where bullets and actions are much more important than the graphics.

4. Multi-core enhancements

With DirectX 11’s multi-core support, you can use your PC’s multiple processors to utilize them better with DirectX 11’s parallel processing capabilities. This will give you better processing power and even more realistic graphics in your games.

Download DirectX 11

DirectX 11
Release dateOctober 27, 2009
Developed byMicrosoft
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What difference between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12

Direct X 11 and DirectX 12 are different in the following ways:

  • Utilization of CPU

Direct X 12 has a more improved and simplified API for running applications that only use CPU. The new API is also designed for parallel tasks and multi-core processors. While on the other hand, DirectX 11 cannot take full advantage of multi-core processors and is mainly focused on single-core performance.

  • Improved efficiency and utilization of GPU

Direct X 12 has a much better API addressing multiple GPUs. It also has more options for using GPU PhysX. But DirectX 11 does not have these features.

  • Graphics acceleration at a high rate

Direct X 12 offers much more efficient graphics acceleration, which can be seen from its capability to render multiple frames per second (FPS). DirectX 11 can also improve the frame rates of your games, but on the other hand, you will have to decide whether it’s worth it, depending on your situation.

  • Power frame rate

Direct X 12 has a higher power frame rate than DirectX 11, so it consumes much more of your CPU’s power.

  • The ability to build games for multiple platforms

Direct X 12 can run on both Windows and Xbox One, which is a plus in terms of cross-ability. However, DirectX 11 can only work on Windows but not Xbox One.

Direct X 11 is better because of its multi-core support and hardware-based processing abilities. It offers the best platform for your games, as seen in its graphic performance result. You should consider using it if you can utilize the graphics processing abilities of DirectX 11, but in case of some problems or troubles, you should switch to DirectX 12.

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