Are you a Mac user who wants to improve your video editing abilities? There is no need to look any further! We’ve produced a list of the top 15 video editing software applications for Mac M1/M2. This list has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice or an expert. So grab some popcorn and prepare to discover the ideal instrument for bringing your vision to life on screen!

Top 10 Best Video Editors for Mac M1, M2 Chip

Final Cut Pro X

No matter what type of video you’re editing, whether it’s a short clip or a feature-length film, Final Cut Pro is an excellent choice for Mac users. It has all the features you need to create professional-looking videos, including support for 4K and 360-degree video, powerful color correction tools, and a wide range of audio effects. Plus, it’s easy to use, even if you’re new to video editing.

With the introduction of Apple’s new M1 and M2 processors, Final Cut Pro users can now enjoy unparalleled speed and performance. The optimized architecture of these processors allows for lightning-fast video rendering, making editing a breeze even when working with high-resolution footage.

But it’s not just about speed – Final Cut Pro also offers a range of powerful features that give editors maximum control over their projects. From advanced color grading tools to intuitive audio controls, there are endless possibilities for creating professional-quality videos.

And with seamless integration with other Apple products like iMovie and Motion, Final Cut Pro truly stands out as the go-to choice for Mac users looking to take their video editing skills to the next level. Whether you’re an experienced editor or just starting out, Final Cut Pro on the M1 and M2 processors is sure to impress.

Pros: Optimized for macOS, advanced editing features, efficient performance, seamless integration with other Apple software.

Cons: Exclusive to Mac, may have a steeper learning curve for beginners.


iMovie is a free video editing software program that comes installed on every new Mac. It’s simple to use, yet powerful enough to create professional-looking videos. Whether you want to make a movie from scratch or edit existing footage, iMovie has all the tools you need.

To get started, simply open iMovie and click on the “Create New Project” button. Then, give your project a name and choose a preset aspect ratio. Next, you’ll be able to add video and audio clips to your timeline. To do this, drag and drop files from your Finder window into the iMovie interface.

Once your clips are in the timeline, you can start editing them. To trim a clip, simply place your cursor over the beginning or end of the clip and drag it inward or outward. You can also add transitions between clips by dragging and dropping them from the transition browser onto the start or end of a clip in the timeline.

When you’re happy with your edits, click on the “Share” button and choose how you want to export your finished project. You can save it as a file on your computer, upload it to YouTube, or share it directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Pros: Free and pre-installed on Macs, intuitive interface, suitable for beginners, seamless integration with other Apple software.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features, not suitable for professional-grade editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac M1 comes with a host of impressive features that make video editing a breeze. For starters, the new version is optimized specifically for Apple’s latest hardware, providing faster and more efficient performance than ever before.

One of the most significant benefits of using Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac M1 is its ability to handle 8K footage without any hiccups. This means you can edit and export high-resolution videos with ease – perfect for those working in professional capacities or simply looking to create top-quality content.

Another notable feature of Adobe Premiere Pro is its intuitive interface that allows you to work seamlessly between different workspaces, including audio mixing, color grading, and motion graphics. Plus, its integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud software makes it easy to sync your projects across various devices and collaborate with others in real-time.

Other stand-out features include improved support for HDR workflows, automatic scene detection capabilities that save time during post-production edits and enhanced GPU acceleration options that enable smoother playback even when working with complex visual effects. With all these great tools at your disposal, it’s no surprise why so many professionals choose Adobe Premiere Pro as their go-to video editing software!


  • Adobe Premiere Pro offers a wide range of tools and features that allow users to edit videos with ease.
  • From basic cuts to complex audio mixing, this software can handle it all.
  • The integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps means you can easily import assets from Photoshop or After Effects without any hassle.
  • The User-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate around the platform even if you’re new to video editing.
  • Cons:
  • One major drawback is that the software requires high-end hardware specifications in order to function smoothly. This might not be ideal for individuals who have older equipment or low-budget setups.
  • Another downside is the steep learning curve associated with using Adobe Premiere Pro. It may take time for beginners to get comfortable navigating through all its features and functions.
  • Although there are many tutorials available online, finding specific answers on how to solve problems within this program can be challenging at times.
  • While there are some drawbacks associated with using Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac M1 devices such as hardware requirements and a learning curve – these negatives should not limit your creativity in creating compelling video content!


Have you ever wished for an easy-to-use yet powerful video editing tool that doesn’t compromise on features? Enter FlexClip. FlexClip is an online video editing platform that simplifies the video creation process without sacrificing professional-grade capabilities. With its intuitive interface and vast array of tools and templates, FlexClip empowers users to bring their creative vision to life effortlessly.


One of FlexClip’s standout features is its extensive library of stock media assets, including videos, photos, and music, which users can seamlessly integrate into their projects. Whether you’re a beginner looking to create stunning videos for personal use or a seasoned professional working on commercial projects, FlexClip has something for everyone.

Additionally, FlexClip offers a range of editing features, such as text animations, transitions, and special effects, allowing users to add a professional touch to their videos with ease. Its cloud-based platform enables collaboration among team members, making it ideal for both individual creators and collaborative projects.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use interface, extensive stock media library, collaborative editing capabilities, affordable pricing plans.
  • Cons: Limited advanced editing features compared to professional-grade software like Adobe After Effects, may not be suitable for complex video projects requiring intricate effects and animations.


Filmora 12 Review

Filmora is your one-stop shop for all your Mac video editing needs.

Specifically designed to work seamlessly with both M1 and M2 processors, this software is a true game-changer in the world of video editing. 

With its sleek interface and user-friendly features, it’s incredibly easy to learn and use even if you’re new to video editing. But don’t let its simplicity fool you – Filmora packs a serious punch when it comes to advanced editing techniques like color grading, audio mixing, and motion graphics. 

Plus, with over 800 built-in effects and filters at your fingertips (including split-screen templates), there are endless possibilities for making your footage stand out from the crowd. So whether you’re creating content for YouTube or Vimeo or just looking to make some home movies that truly shine, Filmora has everything you need to take your videos from good to great!

  • Pros: User-friendly interface, easy to learn, affordable pricing, good for beginners and vloggers.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features, not suitable for professional editing workflows.


DaVinci Resolve for Mac m1 or M2 is an incredible video editing software that has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s latest hardware. This powerful software offers a host of features that make it one of the most advanced and versatile video editing platforms available today. 


With support for up to 8K resolutions, HDR grading, and advanced color correction tools, DaVinci Resolve makes it easy to create professional-quality videos without any prior experience in video editing. 

The software also comes with a range of audio production tools, such as the Fairlight audio processing engine, which allows you to edit soundtracks with ease. The DaVinci Neural Engine speeds up tasks such as facial recognition, object removal, and more by making use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Additionally, its intuitive user interface makes the entire process, from importing media files to exporting them, simple and manageable, even if you’re new to the world of video editing. Whether you’re creating content for personal projects or commercial clients; DaVinci Resolve for Mac m1 or m2 is a tool worth exploring!

  • Pros: Powerful color grading capabilities, professional-grade features, free version available, multi-platform support.
  • Cons: Steeper learning curve, may require high-end hardware for optimal performance.

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Camtasia for Mac m1 or M2 is a powerful and versatile video editing software designed specifically for Apple’s latest M-series processors. 

This innovative application boasts an intuitive interface, seamless integration with popular media platforms, and advanced features that make it ideal for both novice and professional video editors alike. 

With Camtasia for Mac m1 or M2, users can easily record their screen activity, capture webcam footage, import multimedia files from various sources, add annotations and callouts to videos, and apply visual effects and filters to enhance the overall look of their content. 

The software also offers robust audio editing tools that enable users to adjust volume levels, remove background noise, and add music tracks or voiceovers to their videos effortlessly. 

Whether creating instructional tutorials, marketing materials or social media content – Camtasia for Mac m1 or M2 delivers unparalleled performance coupled with exceptional quality results every time.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use interface, screen recording capabilities, good for tutorial videos and presentations.
  • Cons: Lacks advanced features compared to professional editing software, may not be suitable for complex editing projects.

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro for Mac is a well-known video editing program that has swept the industry. It is one of the most versatile and complete applications available today, with features ranging from basic video editing to professional compositing, colour correction, audio mixing, and more. Sony Vegas Pro for Mac has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to navigate through many menus and features. 

Users may edit films with precision and speed thanks to its powerful range of tools and straightforward workflow. The software supports a variety of file formats, including AVCHD and MPEG-2 HDV/SD files, allowing editors to work on nearly any sort of material in their library without the need for extra apps or plugins. 

Overall, Sony Vegas Pro for Mac offers professional-level capability at an inexpensive price, making it an excellent alternative for aspiring filmmakers looking to create high-quality footage without breaking the bank.

  • Pros: User-friendly interface, powerful audio editing capabilities, extensive plugin support, multi-platform support.
  • Cons: May require high-end hardware for optimal performance, not as popular as other options.


The release of Blender for Mac M1 or M2 has been eagerly awaited because of the software’s potential to radically alter the fields of both design and animation. 


Users may anticipate ultra-fast speeds and faultless processes thanks to its sophisticated features and optimization for Apple’s latest CPUs. Blender now has faster rendering times thanks to support for Apple’s Metal API, which makes it easier to handle complicated projects. 

Blender’s latest release, tailored to macOS Big Sur, improves productivity even more by delivering an engaging interface and straightforward navigation. Blender for Mac M1 or M2 is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity in ways you never thought possible, whether you’re a professional designer or an aspiring artist looking to create breathtaking 3D animations.

  • Pros: Free and open-source software, extensive 3D animation and rendering capabilities, and multi-platform support.
  • Cons: Steeper learning curve, may not be suitable for traditional video editing workflows.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects for Mac M1 is a strong creative application with remarkable performance and speed on Apple’s latest silicon chip. Its unique architecture makes the best use of the new processor’s resources, resulting in faster rendering speeds, smoother playback, and faster project loading. 

The software has been optimised to take full advantage of all available cores on the M1 chip, allowing users to operate without latency or stuttering with complicated animations and visual effects. Adobe After Effects for Mac M1 also works natively with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools like Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Users can now import files from these applications into After Effects projects and vice versa. 

Furthermore, the software includes a number of advanced features, such as 3D compositing capabilities, motion graphics template creation tools, and VR video editing functionalities, among others, making it a must-have tool for professional video editors looking for cutting-edge creative solutions.


Have you ever heard of Lightworks for Mac? It’s a high-end video editing program that’s been used to edit Hollywood blockbusters like Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street. Lightworks is a favorite among filmmakers and editors due to its simple user interface, excellent color correction capabilities, and real-time effects.

Not only does it handle all popular video formats, but its Cloud-based technology also enables seamless cooperation with other members of a production team. What’s more, the best part? Lightworks for Mac provides all of these features at a lower cost than other high-end editing programs on the market. You can now make great videos without breaking the bank!

  • Pros: Free version available, professional-grade features, multi-platform support, suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Cons: Limited export options in the free version, may require some time to master.


Our recommendation is to use Final Cut Pro X on MacOS for the best performance.

Video editing is a powerful creative tool, and the right video editor can make all the difference in creating great content. With so many options out there for Mac M1 or M2 users, it’s important to do your research and find the editor that works best for you. We hope this list of top 10 best video editors for Macs M1 or M2 has helped narrow down your search and given you some ideas on which program to use next time you make a new masterpiece!

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