Many gamers have fond memories of the Sega Genesis (also referred to as the Sega Mega Drive). Console fans like to reminisce by playing familiar old Sega Mega Drive games. The previous generation wants to share their gaming experience with their children. To do this, they need to have their old system lying around or utilize a Sega Genesis emulator.

The emulator is a program that allows you to play software from an alternate gaming system on your PC or other devices. This program lets people without the classic gaming console play Sega Mega Drive on their computer. Different emulators have different characteristics. Most emulators run a little slower than the original system; there can be some noticeable lag with particular emulators. 

Expect the best Sega Mega Drive emulator to mimic the speed of the original console. It would be essential to have superb sound quality replication to make the simulation feel realistic. Also, it should not have a high cost associated with it. 

Arguably the best Sega Genesis emulator that fits the above criteria is the MD.emu. This software was free at first but now costs $4.99 to own. Over 50,000 people have downloaded this emulator to play their favorite games.

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List of Best Working Sega Mega Drive Emulator

No.SEGA Mega DrivePrice
1.MasterEmu Free / $2.99
2.ClassicBoy Free / $3.99
3.MD.emu Free / $4.99
4.SEGA Forever games Free / $4.99
5.RetroArch Free


To play your favorite Sega Genesis electronic games, you need to download This program allows you access more than the Sega Mega Drive console. It grants access to Sega CD and Mark III games. This software is versatile because it provides opportunities to play more nostalgic games from other consoles.

You will find that this emulator is the most compatible and stable option available to play Sega Mega Drive games. It supports games under the following formats: .bin,.sms, .smd, and .gen. These extensions allow users to play a wide variety of games.

The computer code uses C++ language. This code allows the following operating systems to embrace the emulator: Linux, iOS, Android, and WebOS. 

The makers of the app strive to find technical fixes for their users’ many devices. The app website lists an email address for Android phone users to contact for serious help. The email to contact is It’s good to keep the email address on hand. You most likely will never need it, but if you do, you will have it available.

By people sending in their log files, the people behind the app solved various device compatibility issues. The communicating of app errors resulted in more Android phones becoming compatible with the app.

The app asks consumers to report anything that makes the app unusable on their android devices. They mention two specific situations: black screens and forced closures. Other serious issues can also occur, so feel free to contact them rather than opine the app’s failure to work on your Android phone. Remember, the problem could be fixable.

The care behind the program is one of the best things about the app. You can be confident that there is someone who cares about your specific issues. 

Another app highlight is its interwoven features that make the app unique.


The emulator outperforms others because of its exhaustive list of features. 

  • You can find support for hardware controllers and cheat codes.
  •  With the emulator, you can play a 4-player game.
  • The auto-save function keeps gameplay simple. There is no fear of losing your place after tirelessly climbing levels with auto-save.
  • The emulator allows you up to 10 slots to store your progress.
  • The Sega Mega Drive emulator provides HID Bluetooth/USB game pad and keyboard support as long as the operating system recognizes the input device.
  • Close to perfect high-quality sound reproduction. 

How to install the emulator?

The installation process for the emulator is pretty straight-forward. Just follow the steps laid out below, and you should have no problem setting up the software.

Step 1:

Go to the app store and search for MD.emu. Just click on the app and purchase it. 

Step 2:

The next thing you will need to secure is a file manager. Download the program and install it.

You can download a free manager for your Android phone by searching for the Astro file manager. 

Step 3:

If you do not have an unzipping feature on your device, you will want to download one.

Step 4:

Next, you will need to find some ROM files to play. No ROM files come with the emulator, so you will need to find some games to download.

Games are easy to find by searching for free ROMs. Note some ROMs come zipped. If your files do, you will need to have them unzipped because the emulator does not support zipped files.

Make sure the ROM files are for the Sega Genesis.

Step 5:

Open the file manager program you installed previously and select downloads. You will want to create a folder that you can use to store all of your ROM files.

Step 6:

Scroll down the downloaded files list and select any games that you have stored. Extract your files. When extracted, choose the game file and move it into the folder you just created. 

Step 7:

Open the MD.emu file. Click on upload game. Tell the emulator where to locate your installed games. Click on the location of where your folder (for your Sega Genesis games) resides. Follow the path until you get to the exact folder you created. Select the game you would like the emulator to read.

Step 8: 

When done, your game should start running on your device.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you want to play Sonic the Hedgehog or another Sega Mega Drive game, you will want to download the MD.emu. The actual console simulation makes gameplay a pleasure; it boasts realistic visuals and accurate simulation. No other emulator matches the features available or allows users as much freedom.

With multi-player game options, you can interact with friends in a fun way. You can save your game’s progress and utilize familiar cheat codes. Downloading and installing the emulator is simple and convenient. It supports several devices, including your computer or your Android device. 

There are tons of ROMs to download and play. Getting started with your first game is a quick process; especially, if you already have games ready to play. You could be playing your favorite old game in a manner of minutes using the MD.emu emulator.

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