Do you ever wonder about how to run an iPhone app on your personal computer with Windows 10? If yes, then this article is for you as it includes things you need to know about the best emulators for running and testing iPhone apps on your Windows 10 PC.

Using emulators to enable software originally built for one platform to run smoothly on another is something not new.

In fact, it is quite common today and almost all of the users of personal computers especially those running on Microsoft Windows at some point have the need to run software and apps on it that actually belong to another and totally different platform.

One such common instance is the need to run an app built for iPhone over a Windows 10 running personal computer.

In this article, we look at some of the best iPhone emulators for Windows 10 but before we start our main discussion, let us briefly explain what actually is an emulator and what benefits it provides to its users.

What is an emulator?

To explain in the simplest of words, an emulator is a software or hardware that enables one platform (referred to as a host) to act or behave as another platform (referred to as a guest).

The primary purpose of this is to run software and apps from the guest platform to run on the host platform as if they were originally running on their native platform.

Most people often confuse between a simulator and an emulator, thinking that both are similar and offer the same benefit.

This actually isn’t correct and a simulator and an emulator are totally different applications built for fulfilling totally different roles.

What are the uses of iPhone emulators

While the general purpose of using an emulator is clear from the above passage explaining what actually is an emulator, it is necessary to briefly highlight the specific objectives which can be derived from using an emulator on a personal computer.

  • Personal computers have bigger displays. This means that more details on the screen can be better observed especially when using an emulator on Windows for running Android and iOS apps.
  • It becomes easier to control and execute instructions on a personal computer than it is on a smartphone screen.
  • Personal computers are well-equipped with better hardware and software configuration than ordinary smartphones. This means that your personal computer can even run some high-end apps without any technical issues.
  • Emulators are a great way to test apps in their developing stage.

Best iPhone emulator for Windows 10

No matter which platform you are using as a host and which platform app you intend to test on it, chances are that you will probably find an emulator for it on the internet.

However, for this article, our main focus would be inclined towards discussing the best iPhone emulators for Windows 10 running personal computers.

S.NoiPhone EmulatorsWindows
1.Air iPhone✅ 
4.iPadian iOS Emulator✅ 
6.iPad Simulator ✅ 
9.Remoted iOS Simulator✅ 
10Electric Mobile Studio✅ 

1. Air iPhone Emulator

If you are looking for some reliable emulator to run iOS apps on your Windows 10 running personal computer, then we recommend you to look no further than the Air iPhone emulator.

Air iPhone is an Adobe AIR application with the capability of reproducing the iOS GUI on your Windows 10 PC.

It is one of the most suitable emulators for developers looking to test their iOS app on a personal computer before its final release.

Other than being compatible with running over Windows 10, the Air iPhone emulator is also suitable for working on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

How to download and install the Air iPhone emulator for Windows 10?

  • Search for a reliable source to download the setup file of the Air iPhone.
  • Once successfully downloaded, run the setup program and simply follow the on-screen instructions similar to installing any other normal use program.
  • After the installation is successfully completed, launch the Air iPhone app.
  • Now search and download the iOS apps you wish to run or test on your PC.

Pros of the Air iPhone emulator

  • It is free to use.
  • Testing and debugging of any iOS app on it is quite simple and easy.
  • Works smoothly with your PC’s basic configuration and does not require any adjustments.

Cons of the Air iPhone emulator

  • Having the AIR framework installed on your PC is necessary for this app.
  • New users might come across certain errors while installing it for the first time.

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2. Xamarin TestFlight Emulator

While TestFlight is another reliable emulator app for running iOS apps on your Windows 10 PC, it is actually also a great advantage to beta test iOS apps by developers using Xamarin to develop their apps.

Air iPhone emulator

Aside from all of the above, the TestFlight emulator is owned by Apple itself which assures its reliability index for both new and old users.

How to install the TestFlight emulator?

TestFlight emulation service is quite technical and to use it, one needs to create an App Store distribution profile.

To install the Xamarin TestFlight emulator, follow these steps – 

  • Make sure to have an iOS 8 or above version to run and test iOS apps using the TestFlight emulator.
  • Now login to your iTunes developer portal and head to the MyApps section.
  • Before proceeding further, you will be asked to fill up an app submission form.
  • Upon successfully submitting the form, you can now submit your app.

Pros of the Xamarin TestFlight emulator

  • Since it is owned by Apple Inc. itself, it provides a bug-free experience.
  • Since the app follows an extensive documentation process to set up, chances of confusion between provisioning profiles, certificates and names rarely exist.

Cons of the Xamarin TestFlight emulator

  • There is only a premium version available of the TestFlight emulator.
  • The minimum iOS version it supports is iOS 8, so any apps built for previous versions cannot be tested.
  • It is only available on iTunes to connect.

3. is comparatively an easy to use and super convenient emulator app for running and testing native mobile apps in your Windows 10 browser.

The emulator requires no installation of the software and any user can directly upload their iOS app on its website, stream within seconds and embed it anywhere.

How to use the emulating service?

  • Simply, search for the official website.
  • Watch the demo and you are ready to create your account and start testing your iOS apps.

Pros of the

  • Although its API is available, using it isn’t mandatory. Simply visit its website through any browser and get started.
  • Whether you are an individual app developer or an enterprise solution provider, is best in every case.
  • Offers the convenience to test on any device, operating system, and version.

Cons of the

  • Available both in free and paid subscriptions.
  • Free trial is limited to only 100 minutes of the app streaming time.
  • More advanced features and enterprise solutions available in premium version only.

4. iPadian iOS Emulator

iPadian is often regarded as one of the finest and most recommended iOS emulators for Windows 10.

Ask any expert on any forum on the internet and you will see how much the iPadian iOS emulator for Windows 10 is actually appreciated for its individuality in this niche.

As a matter of fact, iPadian is more of a simulator rather than an emulator for running the iOS apps on a Windows 10 running personal computer.

However, the thing that makes it different from other emulators is that it has its own app store that contains your favorite apps.

Other than this, the basic apps such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and a few others come pre-installed with it.

How to install the iPadian iOS emulator for Windows 10?

To download and install the iPadian emulator for Windows 10, follow these steps – 

  • Search on the internet for the official website of the iPadian emulator.
  • Now download the setup file.
  • Once downloaded, run the setup file to begin its installation.
  • Simply, proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, restart the app to finalize everything and start using it.

Pros of the iPadian iOS emulator

  • Available for use as a free and paid version both.
  • Its customized app store contains many top-rated apps.
  • Premium version supports downloading of the apps from the Apple store as well.

Cons of the iPadian iOS emulator

  • The free version contains many ads that users might find irritating due to untimely pop-ups.
  • The free version does not support apps from the Apple iOS app store.


While most users ask about the legality of using emulators, the simple answer to this query is that it is totally legal.

The only important thing to learn about using the emulator is to find the right one that supports your PC and can fulfill your needs as well.

Then the last thing that remains is its successful installation and you are good to run and enjoy using your favorite iOS apps on your Windows 10 running personal computer.

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