The Windows operating system has largely dominated the market for a long time. This is a fact despite Windows being a proprietary operating system and there being free options available for consumers.

According to a report prepared in July 2023, Microsoft’s Windows was installed on around 70% of all computers. A fundamental question remains to be asked: despite there being other notable operating systems over the years, why does the average consumer continue to prefer Windows?

The gaming industry stands out as a major contributing factor. It commands imme­nse attention, with millions of players worldwide regularly immersing themselves in their favorite game­s. This trend fuels the industry’s potential to amass a staggering global value of $321 billion by 2026. 

Windows, since its initial re­lease, has consistently provided the highest level of game support among all operating systems in production. This is large­ly due to its integration of DirectX, a built-in technology specifically designed to optimize­ gaming experience­s and support various gaming software.

If you’re a Windows gamer, allow us to introduce to you the different types of games available to enjoy on the well-known operating system.

Online Games

Online games refer to those that de­mand an active internet conne­ction for playing, as they require a conne­ction to the game’s serve­rs.

One noteworthy type of online games are casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots. These are especially popular among gamblers who lack access to a physical casino or just prefer the digital experience. Since they are online, gamers can simply jump into the game anytime they wish.

Casino games have seen an upward rise since Bitcoin has taken off. Players concerned about keeping their payments anonymous can choose to pay in Bitcoin, as most online casinos now accept it as a payment method. This is one of the biggest reasons why Bitcoin online casino platforms increased their popularity a few times in recent years. 

Besides casino games, other online games include action games, shooters, and even role-playing games which put you in the perspective of a player character. Players using Windows computers have an edge when playing such games due to the size and quality of their monitors. These sizes scale from medium to large and even widescreen aspect ratios, through which players get the best experience possible. 

A good display does wonders enhancing the gaming experience. The Alienware 34 QD-LED uses an OLED panel with bright colors and a great viewpoint. Another example is the ASUS ROG SWIFT OLED, which has a 240hz refresh rate, perfect for online gameplay. Moreover, since online gaming and gambling require some attention to privacy, users (not only individuals but also businesses) prefer Windows for the ease of setup of VPN servers if needed.

Video Games

Video games are another category that has been popular on the Windows platform. While some of these games are playable on other operating systems, they are usually designed keeping Windows gamers in mind. Due to this, video games run at their optimum on Windows.

Platformers, sports games, racers, these are only a few of the hundreds available to play on Windows. Additionally, games released on the Windows operating system continue to get updates and developer support for years after their initial release.

One game that had immense anticipation in recent years is Cyberpunk 2077. This futuristic dystopia immerse­s players with its vibrant visuals. Another one, Red Dead Re­demption 2 has gained popularity for its intricate and captivating storyte­lling mechanics. Similarly, Doom Eternal has a great soundtrack, keeping players immersed in the world with its fast-paced action.

Board and Card Games

For those among you who prefer to keep their gaming experiences more mellow, we have board and card games. 

Commonly played games of this category include Chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble. While these do not offer the thrill of competitive online gaming or feature deep stories like video games, they are a joy to play in their own way. People especially prefer playing chess against machines, because they can also configure the level of difficulty. Feel free to test your skills against a computer opponent or hop online and play with your friends and family, whichever you prefer. Games like chess even allow two players to play on a single computer!

Arcade Games

When you hear the term arcade games, you picture a brightly lit room with huge machines running a single game. While that description might be correct, arcade games have evolved, with many classical titles having been adapted to computers.

In the re­alm of arcade games, titles like Pac-Man, Candy Crush, and Subway Surfers reign supreme­, captivating the hearts of casual gamers. These timeless classics have proven to the gaming community the inhe­rent value that lies within simplicity.

Educational Games

The Windows platform offers something for everyone, including young children who may not be ready for inte­nse gaming experiences. Microsoft provides a fantastic array of games that cate­r to children of all ages, promoting enjoyable­ learning opportunities.

From typing games to coloring and solving math problems, these games aim to present children with a learning opportunity so they can implement their knowledge in real life.

Final Thoughts

Despite there being alternative operating systems in recent times, Windows has remained the most widely used one. The sheer number of games available is second to none. Besides that, Microsoft has incorporated advanced technology and game drivers into Windows to ensure that gamers can have a smooth and bug-free experience.

While many categories of video games are available, it’s up to you as a gamer to find out which types of games you enjoy the most. Will you prevail over other players in an online setting, or will you prefer a more relaxing approach? The choice is yours.

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