We all have been there, landing on WiFi dead zone all of a sudden while streaming a favorite show, playing a video game, or talking on FaceTime. The wifi signals may reach every nook and cranny of the house except the place from where you are browsing on your phone or computer. 

Well, this is a common problem that signals are either weak or not at all in certain areas, causing frustration and impacting your work. However, here is the solution- WiFi Range Extender. It will help you receive strong Wifi signals as if you are sitting right next to the router. 

So, if you have been incurring problems with weak or nonexistent WiFi signals at some points in your home, and looking for a solution, then you have landed in the right place. This article will guide you about the WiFi range extender and how it is useful for you. 

Let’s start from scratch all the way up to its advantages.

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What is WiFi Range Extender? 

True to its name, a WiFi extender, sometimes called a WiFi Range Expander, is a small device that is installed apart from WiFi routers to increase signal strength across a setting, i.e., your home. It is actually a wireless repeater that repeats the signals to modulate the internet coverage. 

To be honest, this is an incredible device that boosts your home’s functionality by allowing each member sitting in any corner to get access to Wireless LAN.

How Does it Work? 

Placed between a router and an access point, a WiFi range extender captures signals from the router and rebroadcasts them to locations where there is low or no internet access. In this way, signals are transmitted to every part of the home. 

However, it is important to check and change your WiFi device’s settings. Otherwise, it will remain connected to the router and the problem will persist. So, in order to benefit from a WiFi range extender, it is important to connect your device to it. 

Advantages of Wifi Range Extender

  1. Super Internet Speed

WiFi signal strength is related to data transfer speed. The stronger the internet signals, the more conveniently you can access the internet. If your device is receiving strong internet signals, then you can expect the optimal internet speed that you’ve opted for. 

However, there are a few exceptions. For example, if you have paid for fairly less fast internet, you can’t expect lightning-fast internet no matter how close you set your device or install a WiFi router. 

So, if you are looking for an internet option that gives you uber-fast data transfer speed, then you may consult one of the top ISPs, like Mediacom. With download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and super strong home WiFi, it is a perfect fit for your internet needs. Plus, Spanish customers can navigate through exclusive Mediacom paquetes and find the most suitable internet bundle. 

2. Better Streaming Quality

Streaming is a bandwidth-intensive task. If you need to enjoy seamless streaming for hours from the comfort of your room, then a WiFi router extender is the perfect fit for you. You’d be able to get strong internet signals, and thus smooth-speed internet, the prerequisites for streaming.  

So, whether you want to binge-watch shows, movies, or documentaries, the range extender can get you the best entertainment experience. 

3. Play Games Without Lag

Like streaming, playing games necessitates high-speed internet. You’d find yourself fit in rage dropping in WiFi dead zone and falling short to make a new record or reaching the next level. Also, when playing online games, you do not want to miss shots and fires due to slow internet and lags. To avoid all of the aforementioned problems while gaming, you may use a Wifi range adapter. 

4. Budget Friendly 

Considering its extensive benefits, you would assume that it must be a costly investment. Surprisingly, it is not. You would be glad to learn that WiFi extenders are cheap, making it easier for you to purchase one and boosting your home’s efficiency. 

5. Easy to Install

Another good thing about WiFi extenders is that they are super easy to install. You do not need a professional expert to install it nor have to get into the hassles of running cables around the home. You can do it all by yourself. 


WiFi extender is a highly useful device that helps disseminate Wifi internet signals across the home so that no corner remains void of internet access. If you have certain areas in your home which are blind spots for the Internet, then you may install a range extender and enjoy browsing and streaming. 

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