Download and Install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is compatible with all versions of Windows 7/8/10/11 Full Version (32-64bit).

Adobe Reader is a free software program that lets you view and print Adobe PDF files. These can be documents, presentations, forms, or anything else in the Acrobat format. Readers are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

Adobe Reader is a cross-platform application, available in a variety of editions. The application is designed to make reading electronic documents easier and faster. It displays the document using the native system’s font and windowing system, but it can dynamically adjust text layout to fit the screen without requiring manual layout changes.

Features of Adobe Reader?

1. View PDF files

Adobe Reader can open and display PDF documents, regardless of what platform the document was created on. You can view PDF documents from a web page or file archive, or you can create your own PDF documents directly from Adobe Reader.

2. Create PDF files

You can convert existing documents to Adobe PDF format using Adobe Reader. This allows you to take advantage of the powerful features provided by this document format when reviewing and editing documents that have been created in various word processors and desktop publishing software packages.


3. Advanced printing and collaboration features

Adobe Reader includes advanced printing capabilities that allow you to print text, graphics and images, including annotations and form data. You can customize how PDF documents are printed. Adobe Reader also provides the ability to track document access and edit status.

4. Protect documents with security settings

Security settings in Adobe Reader allow you to restrict access to documents by password protecting them. For example, if you have a PDF file with sensitive information in it, you can set a password that must be entered before someone can open the file. Security settings also allow you to protect your privacy by preventing anyone from printing or saving contents of a document, or copying the text out of a document for use elsewhere.

5. Convert to other formats

Adobe Reader lets you create a PDF file from an existing document or other type of file, such as a Microsoft Word document or email. You can convert documents to Adobe PDF format using the built-in freeware Adobe Reader converter. The conversion process preserves the layout and formatting of the original document.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Free

Release dateFirst release (June 15, 1993)
Developed byAdobe
PlatformWindow s(32-64Bit)
Category PDF Reader

? Safe & Secure

System Requirments

ProcessorIntel® or AMD processor; 1.0GHz or faster processor
Operating systemWindows 7/8/10/11
Hard disk space   1.0GB of available hard-disk space
Monitor resolution1024×768 screen resolution
Graphics cardDirectX

What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat and PDF reader?

1. Acrobat is a suite of tools that include features such as creating and editing PDF files. Acrobat Reader is a free software that can view and print PDF files.

2. The main difference between Acrobat and Adobe Reader is that Acrobat has certain features that are not available in Adobe Reader. (e.g.) Acrobat can convert PDF files into other formats like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. whereas Adobe Reader does not have this feature; likewise, Acrobat can also create interactive forms while Adobe Reader does not have this feature either.

3. Another difference between Acrobat and Adobe Reader is that Acrobat cannot print PDF files whereas Adobe Reader can.

4. Acrobat is a software suite that includes features like creating PDF files, editing PDF files, and also converting PDF files into other formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. On the other hand, Adobe Reader is free software that can view and print PDF documents on the computer system.

In short, Acrobat and Adobe Reader are different software applications. Adobe Reader is designed to view PDF files in computer systems and Acrobat is a suite of tools that includes features such as creating and editing PDF files.

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