Use a watermark to protect your work or indicate its status, like confidential. 

  • Select “Design Watermark“. 
  • Select an option. We’ll choose “Confidential one.” There it is. 

Now let’s change it. 

  • Go back to the Watermark menu and select “Do Not Copy”. 
  • There we go. To add a custom watermark, like a picture. 
  • Again, select “Watermark“. 
  • This time select “Custom Watermark“. 
  • Select “Picture Watermark“, select “Picture“. 
  • Locate your picture and select, “Insert“. Select “Okay”. 
  • Looks good. Now for custom text. 
  • Select “Custom Watermark“, “Text Watermark“. 
  • Write your text in the text box. 
  • To customize your text, you can change the font, size, and color. 
  • Then select “Okay“. 
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